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A 9.8 hp Mercury outboard, serial number 5123082, would be a 1978 year model.

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Q: What year is a mercury outboards 9.8 hp serial number 5123082?
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How old is a Johnson outboard motor serial number boo7200?

Johnson and Evinrude outboards, use the model number, rather than the serial number, to determine the year model. Mercury outboards, uses serial number and horsepower.

What year is your mercury outboard serial number 4421934?

Mercury Marine uses both the serial number, and the horsepower rating, to determine the year model of their outboards.

What year is Mercury outboard serial number 6538934?

In addition to the serial number, which is listed here, the horsepower of the engine is needed, to determine the year model of Mercury outboards.

What year is a A hp mercury outboard motor with serial number?

The "OC" model 75 hp Mercury outboards were manufactured in 1990.

How old is a mercury outboard motor serial number 7030412?

In order to answer this question, the horsepower rating of the motor has to be known. Mercury outboards use the serial number, and horsepower, to determine year model.

How old is a mercury 70HP blue band serial number 8065168?

Go to Marine and click merc outboards then click mercs by serial

What is the point gap for a mercury p8 serial number 2389278?

The older model mercury outboards, with maker points, should have a 0.020" gap setting.

What year is a 75 hp mercury outboard motor with serial number OC23147?

The "OC" model 75 hp Mercury outboards were manufactured in 1990.

How do you tell the year model on older mercury 1500 outboards?

The serial number and horsepower rating for the engine is compared to the Mercury outboard model year chart.

How old and what horsepower is a Mercury outboard motor serial number 6473745?

This question cannot be answered with a serial number alone. Mercury outboards determine year model by comparing the serial number, in a selected horsepower range, to a range of serial numbers, produced within each year of production.

How old is a Mercury outboard motor serial number OG365114 25hp?

Mercury outboards manufactured with the OG prefix, have the year model listed on the serial number tag. The OG models were produced from the mid to late 1990,s.

Mercury 650-Ser7058505-How do you find the year?

All you have to do is ask! Mercury outboards year model is determined by serial number range. Each model has a start, and ending serial number range, for each year of production. The serial number, along with the horsepower rating of the engine in question, is compared to a chart of serial number runs for each year. According to the chart, a 65 hp Mercury, serial number 7058505 would be a 1975 year model.

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