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As of now - Never. Brock Lesnar is no longer with the UFC. He retired from UFC at the end of his last fight with Alistair Overeem in 2011 and is not expected to return to UFC in the near future. He is currently with the WWE where his contract runs till 2015. Due to his health situation he may not consider returning to the UFC

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Q: When is Brock Lesnars next UFC fight?
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When is brock lesners next fight in UFC?

his next fight is with mark colemen

How many fights have brock lesnar won?

Brock Lesnars Mixed Martial Arts career was short. He had one fight outside the UFC and 7 more in the UFC. His wins were as follows: a. Min Soo Kim (Outside UFC) b. Heath Herring - UFC 87 c. Randy Couture - UFC 91 - Won the UFC Heavyweight Title d. Frank Mir - UFC 100 e. Shane Carwin - UFC 116 Lesnar lost his UFC Heavyweight Title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 and retired from MMA after his loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141.

When is brock lesnars UFC contract expiring?

Brock Lesnar's UFC contract expired in 2011. He retired from MMA after he lost to Alistair Overeem at the UFC 141 event. He was suffering from health issues and hence both UFC as well as Lesnar agreed not to renew their contracts. Currently Lesnar is signed up with the WWE and is expected to be with them for a couple of more years.

When will Brock Lesnar fight?

Brock Lesnar will have a fight on October 23 in UFC 121 and he will face the undefeated Cain Velasquez

Who won the Brock Lesnar UFC Fight Today?

Brock Lesnar by TKO in the second round

Did Brock Lesner fight Shane Carwin in November?

No the fight was scheduled for UFC 106 but was scraped due to Brock Lesnar's illness

How many times did brock lesnar and frank mir fight in ufc?

twice the first time frank mir beat brock in his ufc debut by tapout (ankle lock) the second fight brock defeated frank by tko (punches)

Who won the Lesnar vs Carwin fight in UFC 106?

brock lesnar won the fight

What is brock lesnars record in UFC?

The National Champion in wrestling, Lesnar made a positive impression in his first two UFC bouts against Frank Mir and Heath Herring, but at UFC 91 in November of 2008, he showed why he is the most feared fighters in the sport as he defeated Randy Couture to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

When will brock lesnar fight agin?

well actually hes on ufc so he fights kind of a lot

Should UFC fighter Jon Jones fight brock lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship?


When will Brock Lesnar fight again?

UFC 116 - July 3, 2010 vs. Shane Carwin

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