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Kitchen and Bath paint.

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Q: What kind of paint should be used on bathroom cabinets?
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What kind of paint for kitchen cabinets?

You will want to use a high gloss paint for kitchen cabinets. This type of paint is easy to clean.

Can painted cabinets be varnished?

What kind of paint was used? Water or oil based paint?

Bathroom Sink Cabinets?

form_title= Bathroom Sink Cabinets form_header= Stay organized with bathroom sink cabinets How many cabinets do you want?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Do you want to also include drawers?*= () Yes () No Do you want wood cabinets?*= () Yes () No If so, what kind of wood?*= _ [50]

What kind of white paint do you use for kitchen cabinets?

Probably enamel

When painting over veneered kitchen cabinets what kind of primer and paint should I use?

To paint over veneered cabinets in a kitchen, Sherwin-Williams puts out a paint just for cabinets that dries very hard. Ben Moore has a line also but the color choices were limited. The S-W paint also self primes so unless you have extremely dark cabinets and you want them to be very light, 2 coats should be fine.

What kind of cabinets should you use in a country kitchen?

Country cabinets

What kind of paint should you use to refinish your bathroom vanity?

I use enamel semi-gloss or gloss.

Is one kind of paint better or not to paint a bathroom?

Well, you need to find paint that goes on dry wall, I'm assuming that is what you have since that is the most common walls to have. You can just go to walmart and tell the people what kind of bathroom you have, and they will set you up.

What kind of paint should you use to paint decorations on your car?

Automotive paint.

What kind of kitchen cabinets should my wife and I get for a reasonable price?

Many people choose Ikea kitchen cabinets for their kitchens. With Ikea kitchen cabinets, you can customise the fronts of the cabinets to fit in with the design of your kitchen and fringe.

What brand of bathtub faucet should I buy?

It really depends on what kind of bathtub to decide what kind of bathroom faucet you should buy and which ones you like best in your bathroom and style that you have

What kind of bathroom accessories go with bronze fixtures?

You can match bronze fixtures with any kind of bathroom accessories. The accessories you should use, should depend on your individual tastes and styles.

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