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The next winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver in February 2010.

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Q: Where will the next winter olympic games be held?
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In what year will the next olympics be held?

Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics, Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics, and Los Angeles for the 2028 Summer Olympics.The next Olympic games are the 2016 Summer Olympics. These games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will consist of 306 events.The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September.

Who has competed in the most Olympic Games?

Canadian Equestrian athlete Ian Millar has participated in 10 Olympic games as of 2012. Millar and would have participated in 11 games since he was on the Canadian Olympic team for Moscow in 1980, but Canada boycotted the Olympics that year. Millar also hopes to participate in Brazil in 2016 and has no plans to retire. Next after Millar is Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl who competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964-1996.

What were the rewards for the ancient Greek Olympics?

They would be worshipped as the god hercules until the next games, if they won more than 4 games in a row, they would be named a god

What were the chariots races held?

Circus Maximus could seat 250,000 people; 400m by 90m. Next in importance to the Circus Maximus in Rome were the Circus Flaminius, the Circus Neronis, and the Circus of Maxentius.

What are weaknesses of Sparta?

Sparta's biggest weakness was the fact that their warriors fought nude. When the soldiers held the long, big spears next to their wangs they felt rather intimidated. Also some gay soldiers would be distracted in the battle as they would always find themselves looking at the other soldiers nakedness.

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Who has the next Olympics?

The next Olympic games are the Winter Games to be held in Vancouver. The next Summer Games are to be held in London.

Where will be the next YOG be held?

The next Summer Youth Olympic Games will be held in 2014 in Nanjing, China. The 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in 2012 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Where will the 2013 Olympics be?

There will not be an Olympic Games held in 2013. The next Winter Olympic Games will be held in 2014 and be hosted by Sochi, Russia. The next Summer Olympic Games will be held in 2016 and be hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Where will the next Olympic games be held and when?

It will be held in Vancouver, Canada in 4 years for the winter Olympics.

Were is the next Olympic games held?

The next Olympic games is held in London in 2012

When will the next olympic games held?

The next Olympic games will be held in Londen 2012

Where will the next winter Olympic will be held?

it will be held in Russia

Where is the olympic winter games being held?

I do believe the next winter Olympics location has yet to be annouced

Where are the next Olympic games going to be held?

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Where will next winter olympic games be held?

2010- Vancouver 2014- Sochi, Russia

Where are the next summer olympic games going to be held in 2014?

There is no summer olympic games in 2014. There was the Sochi 2014 winter olympics.

When is the next olympic games is held?

the next summer Olympics will be held in 2012 in London i believe, and i think the winter Olympics will be in 2010.

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