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Summer time was the time of the year that the ancient Greek Olympics took place in.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

Who ended the ancient olympic games

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Q: What time of year were the Ancient Greece Olympics held?
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How often were the the ancient Greek Olympics held?

the ancient Olympics games were held once in 4 years. the time period was called as Olympiads & was only held in Olympia in Greece

In what year did the Olympics return to Greece?

The first modern Olympics was held in Greece in 1896. The next time the Olympics were in Greece was 2004.

What is the town name celebrates the Olympics in Greece?

Athens Greece is where the world held there first olympics in 1896. They also held the olympics for the second time in the year 2004.

Why are the Olympics held every 4 years and not every year?

The Olympics are held every four years because the Ancient Games held at Olympia in Greece, were held every four years. The time in between the Ancient Games was called the Olympiad and was used for dating purposes!

Where did the Olympics games start?

The Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece.OlympiaAncient Greece.Olympics first time started in Greece in 776 BC.Olympia, Greece that was in 776 BC they lasted till 393 AD the first modern ones were held in Athens, Greece in 1870In Greece.Olympics started in Greece.Athens in Greece

What time of the year were the ancient Olympics held?


For how many years were the ancient Olympics held?

a long time

Which country held the 1st Olympics(accent )?

Elis.The ancient Olympics were always held in Olympia (as opposed to the modern Olympics, which are held in a variety of locations). At the time of the first Olympics (and for a considerable number of years after that) Olympia was in an area controlled by the city-state of Elis. Olympia (and Elis) are both located in what is now Greece.

How many yerars have the Olympics been around for?

ever since ancient Greece time when Athens held the 1st Olympics and boy did they have OTHER events like spear javalin and bull riding

How much time passed between each ancient Olympics held?

Four years.

Why did the ancient Olympics cease to exist?

The ancient Olympics have not ceased to exist. The Olympics are still held every 4 years, and have been evolving over time to include new sports.

What happened in greece at the time of the Olympics?

They did the Olympics.

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