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every four years

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Q: How often were the Olympic games held in ancient Greece?
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In ancient Greece how often were the olympic games played?

The Ancient Olympic Games were held every four years, a tradition that continues in the modern era.

Where did the Olympic Games in ancient Greece took place and how often?

every four years in olympus

How often did the Olympic Games take place in Greece?

Every 4 years.

Who were the spectators at the ancient olympic games and how did they behave?

The spectators at the ancient Olympic games were men and men only. Most of the competition was in the nude and the games were often considered to be a raucous party.

How often are the Olympic Games played?

The Olympic Games, or Olympics, is an international multi-sport event taking place every four years and comprising summer and winter games. Originally held in ancient Greece, they were revived by a French nobleman, Pierre Fr

How often were the ancient olympic held?

the games where held every 4 years.

How often did the ancient greek hold the olympic games?

every four years.

How often were the ancient olympic games?

ever 4 years like ours

What did the Greek god Apollo have to do with the Olympics?

You have to distinguish between two meanings of the word Olympic.One is the Olympic gods, who reside on Mount Olympos. Apollo is one of them.The other is the Olympic games, which were originally held in the ancient city of Olympia, Greece. Often Olympics for short. Apollo was the winner of the first olympic games but back then it was called the Pythian games.

How often are the summer Olympic games held?

The summer Olympic Games, like the winter Olympic Games, are held every four years.

What kind of jobs did the kids have in ancient Greece?

kids in ancient Greece often did house work like collecting water.

How often were the Ancient Olympic games held?

Every four years. This period of time was called an "olympiad".

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