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Q: Who is number 9 for Hibernians football club Edinburgh?
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When was Edinburgh Academical Football Club created?

Edinburgh Academical Football Club was created in 1857.

It is stated that Sheffield FC are the oldest football in the world formed 1857 But you state that Edinburgh football club?

Edinburgh was formed in 1857 also but its a Rugby Union club

What is the best football team in Edinburgh?

It's Hibernian Football Club. nah it's HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN F.C.

When was Celtic football club founded?

1888, Hibernian fc organisers (Irish Catholic priests) founded Glasgow Hibernians, they changed their name to Glasgow Celtic. Pinched Edinburgh Hib's best players, & have been doing so ever since.

When was Edinburgh Cape Club created?

Edinburgh Cape Club was created in 1965.

When was Edinburgh Skating Club created?

Edinburgh Skating Club was created in 1744.

When was City of Edinburgh Racing Club created?

City of Edinburgh Racing Club was created in 1982.

When was Edinburgh University Boat Club created?

Edinburgh University Boat Club was created in 1867.

When was Gracemount Edinburgh Handball Club created?

Gracemount Edinburgh Handball Club was created in 2002.

Who is number 9 for Germany football club?


Which is the oldest football club in Scotland?

rangers Answer. The oldest football club in Scotland Was the Edinburgh Foot Ball Club founded in 1824, although God only knows who they played against. Queen's Park are the oldest club [founded 1867] still playing senior football in Scotland. Rangers were not founded until 1872 but nice try.

First football club to have number on shirt?