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the foot fault, bad serve, and the handout

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Q: What 3 errors that can result in losing a serve in racquetball?
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Name one penalty that will result in losing a serve in volleyball?

One penalty that will result in losing a serve in volleyball is that the ball lands in the court with nobody getting it up.

A serve striking the sidewall first in racquetball results in a?

Loss of serve

In racquetball what is serve that is impossible to return?

Ace serve. Often just past the serve line and in the crack.

In racquetball what is an error when two successive faults are committed?

This is called an "out." The server loses their serve and it is now their opponents turn to serve.

What are 3 basic types of serves in racquetball?

Drive serve: very hard and low serve.Z-serve: Bounces of the front wall and one side wall before landing in the receiving area at an angle.Lob serve: comes in high off the wall and is difficult to play if hit properly.

What is the type of bounce of where ball is hit with full strength in racquetball?

When serving, this is called a "drive serve."

In a game between two people can the sever and receiver score in racquetball?

Only the server can score points in racquetball. If the receiver hits the ball against the front wall and the server cannot get to it in time, it is the receivers turn to serve. They do not get a point for this.

Why is a serve in tennis called a serve?

cuz why not

What are service zones and services boxes in racquetball?

The spot on the court in which you try to serve the ball. ex. 4 3 2 5 6 1

Can you hit the front wall and back wall in racquetball?

Yes, they are required to hit the ball before it hits the floor a second time ... no matter how may walls it hits.

What are the rules of racket ball?

In racquetball, the player who begins with the serve must first bounce the ball off the floor before hitting the front wall. The ball may not touch the back wall and can only touch one of the side walls before the other player returns the serve. If the ball does bounce in these restricted areas, it is considered to be a fault. The players continue to return passes to each other by first hitting the ball to the front wall before allowing the ball to hit the floor. Unlike in the initial serve, the ball may hit any of the walls once the serve is successfully in play.

What is a serve that is impossible to return in racquetball?

A serve that is so well hit that returner cannot even touch is called an ace