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Sports and games change as the years go on. Tag turns into hide and seek and man hunt transformed into paintball tournaments. As each game transforms into a sport, so does the equipment to match with the changes. One major change is being able to hide yourself. Most people use make-up or they may even use a spray to cover their scent. The best way to hide is to blend in like a chameleon. Camouflage netting, or camo netting as some people may call it, is one of the best ways to achieve this tricky skill. Camo gear and netting also has many uses in the great outdoors as well.

When playing paintball, for example, you will use a lot of trees, hidden bunkers and ropes to hide from opponents. Some people use these things to their advantage. They would take the camo netting and cover their bunker to make their nest blend in with the environment that is around them. Some will go a step further and even add dead leaves to the netting to blend in even more with their surroundings. Others use the camo netting as armor to protect themselves. By covering yourself with the netting and hiding in trees or bushes you can provide yourself with a chameleon look. Also, it can make it harder for you to get covered in paint from your opponents' guns. The netting gets covered in paint, but your uniform remains as clean as a whistle. The referee can not say you got shot if you do not have any paint on you.

In hunting, camouflage is very important for the success of your outing. Animals have very keen sight, and if something looks out of place, they are not going to just sit there idly while someone is pointing a rifle at them. Using camo netting on your rifle reduces the sun's glare and covering yourself makes it harder for the animal to actually see where you are firing from. In the end, you have more of a chance of getting that twelve point buck than the guy who is wearing a basic hunting suit.

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Q: Using Camo Netting for Paintball and Hunting?
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Where might one go to purchase camo netting?

Camo netting is a type of netting used in hunting. It can be found at various outdoor sports stores such as Bass Pro Shops or in the hunting section of other stores like Walmart.

what store sells camo netting? sells camo netting in bulk, for a good price. they have a very wide range of styles and selections, that can be applied to any camo netting needs.

Where can camo hunting clothes be bought in NY?

"There are a variety of stores that Camo hunting clothes can be found at. Some of that many Camo hunting stores would be Rothco in NY, Camo hunting clothes can also be found at Orvis stores and at Army - Navy Superstores, just to name a few."

Is it legal to paint camo on a paintball gun in the UK?

No, you must leave the origional bright colors on the gun.

What retailers sell camo shirts?

You can find camo shirts in most hunting and fishing retailers. A couple of popular retailers that sell camo shirts are Bass Pro Fishing and Cabela's.

Is a military camo outfit suitable for hunting?

Yes, you can use a military camo pattern outfit for hunting. These are both basically the same type of print and are designed to assist in keeping you camouflaged so you are not recognized by the animals you are hunting or the men you are doing battle with.

Who invented mossy oak camo?

Toxey Haas the CEO and founder of Mossy Oak. He gathered leaves, sticks, and dirt from his favorite hunting spot and took them to a factory to make the camo, this is now Mossy Oak Camo.

Where can you get A Tippman A-5 paintball gun new for cheap?

Ebay or any X-Fire paintball stores. P.S. X-Fire actually means crossfire also sports authority has the a-5 for 200$ with digi camo

How easy does paintball splatters come off?

Most paint balls are water based, they come of the camo overalls in minutes if you leave them. they would stain most light clothes presumably.

Where is it possible to purchase camo hunting clothes?

Cabela's is a large retail store that offers hunting clothes in camouflage. They have locations in twenty-six US states and three locations in Canada.

How do you insert netting into a M1 helmet?

The WWII US Marine Corps cloth camo, and the Vietnam War US Army Mitchell pattern (reversible) cloth camo covers were half circle cut (half circle design), you just placed the steel helmet (steel shell=steel pot) into the opened up cloth camo and stuffed the exterior of the shell into the cloth camo, and pulled and stretched until the shell was tightly inside the cloth camo. Then you folded the tips of the cloth into the center of the helmet's interior and then stuffed the liner into the shell (on top of the folded up cloth camo). The liner holds the camo cloth cover in place. The US Army's netting (was general issue in WWII, and parts of Korea only) might be a square cut pattern (not a half circle cut like the cloth camo described above). If so, just lay the steel pot open side up centered on the laid out camo net, then tuck in the ends of the net, just like was done with the cloth camo covers described above, tuck them in nice and tight, then stuff the helmet liner in on top of the net...again just like was done with the cloth camo. Again, the liner will hold the camo net in place. For the exterior, a commonly available (because they're still be used and issued) helmet band will hold it in place or a cut inner tube from a tire (like the original Vietnam War bands used to be).

Where can one buy a pink camo to wear in the summer?

One can purchase pink camo from department stores like Walmart. If one is lucky enough to have a retailer of hunting supplies in the area, one may also purchase from there. One may also purchase pink camo from online retailers such as Amazon, or the Browning website.