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There is a store called Scuba Dive that sells equipment and gear in Ocean City

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Q: Need to find a store in or around Ocean City, Maryland that sells scuba dive equipment and gear?
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Is scuba diving a good way to explore a ocean trench?

No. Ocean trenches are deep, really deep. Scuba equipment won't let you dive anywhere near deep enough.

What was scuba equipment used for?

scuba diving...

What are skin divers?

Skin divers are people who dive into the ocean without using special equipment, unlike Scuba divers.

What type of scuba equipment do diving schools usually require a student to own?

Diving schools can vary in what scuba equipment they require their students to buy. Buckeye Scuba Diving School in Cleveland, Ohio for example sells its own scuba equipment.

Where can one find scuba diving equipment?

Scuba diving equipment can be found at local scuba diving shop or alternatively at one of the scuba shops on the internet. Some internet sites are Joe Diver America and Scuba Gear Canada.

What kind of scuba equipment do you need for beginning scuba lessons?

In order to begin scuba lessons, you will require an oxygen tank, a wetsuit, a mouthpiece, as well as flippers. Your scuba classes most likely offer these equipment.

Did you use scuba gear in the Vietnam War?

I did not myself, but friends of mine did. SCUBA equipment had been around for many years, and was used by Navy personnel from time to time.

What types of technology are used in ocean research?

oceanographers use equipment such as sonar, satellites, and radar to map the ocean floor. marine biologists use scuba equipment, submarines, R.O.V.'s, and various other dissection tools to study and understand organisms that live in the ocean.

Is scuba equipment and an aqualung the same thing?

No. Scuba refers to any form of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. An aqualung is a type of scuba equipment, but a rebreather is also technically scuba equipment, as would any other self contained underwater diving rig. However, surface supplied diving is not regarded as scuba.In common terms "scuba equipment" is often used as a generic term for diving equipment, so as to include non-breathing apparatus, like a diver's mask or fins.

How was scuba diving used in World War 2?

they used scuba diving equipment to scuba dive. they used a person and put them in the equipment to scuba dive. scuba diving was cool because all the people didnt want to do it but did it anyway because cool people always do things like that.

What scuba diving equipment does Mares sell?

Mares sells a wide range of scuba diving equipment that one would need when going on a scuba diving trip. Some equipment include jackets, fins, masks, snorkels as well as spear guns.

How heavy is scuba diving equipment?

While scuba equipment is very heavy on dry land, when underwater, the weight of the equipment is alleviated on the divers due to the water buoyancy. Even weak divers have little trouble with managing the equipment.

What are the release dates for Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Fearless Divers Scuba Rangers 2-7?

Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Fearless Divers Scuba Rangers 2-7 was released on: USA: 2007

What environnment do you do scuba diving in?

I usually do scuba diving in ponds and sometimes in the ocean. You can scuba dive anywhere that the public is allowed to swim.

Can you rent scuba equipment without copy of certification card?

If you are not certified No you cannot rent scuba gear

Do you have to know how to swim to scuba?

Scuba dive.......-_- not unless u want to die on the bottom of the ocean

Who sells scuba diving equipment in Dubai?

The Dive Shop Dubai sells scuba diving equipment in Dubai. They sell Scubapro, TUSA, XS Scuba Trident SeaLife underwater cameras and offer PADI scuba diving certifications.

Can a person be on the seafloor?

Yes, if the seafloor is close enough to the surface. There are many places where you can use SCUBA equipment and get to the bottom of the ocean, such as coral reefs. There are also places where you can go down in a heavy dive suit. As of 2014, the deepest you can go in a suit is around 2300 feet, however, and a good bit of the ocean is a lot deeper than that!

What type of equipment do you need for scuba diving?


Who founded the scuba diving?

Emilie Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed the first commercially used scuba equipment.

Is scuba diving something astronauts do?

Yes and no. Astronauts under training in a pool with scuba equipment to simulate zero gravity.

Who started scuba diving?

Scuba diving stated in 1941 during world war II when Italian divers used closed circuit scuba equipment to place explosive equipment under the british naval and merchant marine ships:) thanks i know that I'm smartical:) :) :)

Do we use in the ocean or on the ocean?

It depends: for instance, a fish swims in the ocean. A ship sails on the ocean. The scuba diver descended into the ocean.

Where is it possible to buy a scuba tank?

Used scuba tanks can be found on eBay, but for new equipment, there are brick and mortar "dive shops" that sell tanks and other diving accoutrements. Scuba tanks can be found online at Amazon, and at other online portals that specialize in diving equipment such as LeisurePro.

Can you give me a sentence for ocean?

On Monday I went to the sea/ocean. I went scuba diving