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for a softball pitching machine varies from $140 to$300

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Q: How much for used softball pitching machine?
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What is pitching in softball?

Much like baseball pitching, softball pitching is used to throw a ball towards the batter. In baseball they throw overhand but in softball when your pitching you wind up, load, and throw underhand. There are more pitches possible in the softball pitching than baseball. All pitched possible to be thrown by a softball pitcher are screw ball, change-up, fastball, curve ball, rise ball, drop ball, and knuckle ball.

Muscles used in pitching for softball?

When pitching you use many muscles Arms Legs Hips

What MUSCLES used when pitching softball?

There are no muscles that are not in use. In pitching a softball, the body moves as a coordinated unit, and virtually every muscle is in play for some reason.

What is a softball used for?

to play softball such as pitching catchig batting and throwig a softball goes along with the sportTo hit, throw, and pitch field

What style of pitching is used in softball?

Typically the style of pitching used is called 'Windmill.' This is when a pitcher brings her arm from the starting position of in the glove in front of her, above her head, and around to make a circle then releasing the ball around the waist/leg area. This can be used in fast or slow pitching softball.

How do you measure the distance from the pitching plate to home plate for softball?

The distance used is measured from the back tip of home plate to the front of the pitching mound.

What is the pitching distance in high school fast pitch softball?

It used to be 40 feet, but now it is 43 feet.

How did they play softball back then?

softball used to be played very differently than it is today. For instance the metal, and aluminum bats we are used to were rubber tipped bats and broom handles. Ummm.... the pitching distance was thirty five feet instead of what we are used to a much longer distance, well in some places .the gloves used to be much bigger than they are today and used to button instead of Velcro.

What is the softball used for?

To play softball

How much leather is used on a softball?

About 452 square inches of leather

What muscles are used in playing softball?

Pretty much all of your muscles.

Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.0 Ratings?

12 inch gloves can be used for fast pitching and slow pitching. Some of the better brands are Mizuno, Rawlings, Nokona, Wilson,and Easton.

How is softball used?

Hmmm....maybe in softball.

Is math used in softball?

yes, math is used in softball in many ways.

Do women when playing softball have to hit their opposite hand on their leg when pitching?

No they don't have to it is used more as a timing mechanism for release as well as to distract the hitter.

What chemicals are used to make a softball?

what are the ingredients of making a softball

Jugs pitching machine is what type of equipment?

Jugs pitching machines are used by Baseball and Soft Ball players. This machine is an automatic piece of equipment that launches a ball at a team member learning to bat, or practising batting.

What size softball is used for 8 and under?

ten inch softball

What size softball is used in college softball?

i think it is "11" inch

What size softball is used for ASA coed slow pitch softball?

In coed asa softball a 12 softball inch for men and an 11 inch for women softball.

What size softball is used for ASA or USSSA women's fastpitch softball?

ASA and USSSA women's softball is classified as a 12 inch softball

What is the size of the softball used for girls little league?

A 10 inch softball is used for little league but in 12u you change to a 12 inch softball.

What is the difference between baseball and softball?

In Softball, the ball is bigger, but less dense. The pitching rubber is 43 feet away from Home Plate. The bats used in Softball are smaller. The bases are 60 feet apart from each other. You cannot take a lead before the ball is released by the pitcher. The infield consists only of dirt. The Corners play up by the pitcher. Softball consists of running slaps from the left side. The fence is 200 feet from Home Plate. Softball uses an underhand pitching technique called a 'Windmill'. A softball pitcher can start and finish a game, or even pitch a double header because the pitching technique is more of a natural motion than in Baseball.In Baseball, the ball is smaller, more dense. The pitching mound is 60 ft and 6 inches from Home Plate. The bats are bigger than in Softball. It's 90 feet to each base. You can lead off the bag before the ball is pitched. There is grass in the infield and dirt in the infield. The fence is typically 300 feet from Home Plate. Baseball uses an overhand pitching motion. A baseball pitcher usually does not finish a game and is relieved by another pitcher, and requires rest after a game since the pitching motion is not as natural as the pitching technique in is mostly played by an men and softball womens.Baseball- Much smaller ball, more innings (9 instead of 7), larger outfield, different way of pitching, longer distance between bases.

What muscles are used in softball?

The muscles that are used in softball are you use your triceps, bicepts, abs, and/ or core of you muscles

What are the differences between a softball and a baseball?

a softball is larger, and most of the time harder. a baseball is used in mens baseball, as to a softball is used in womens. hope i helped,