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Q: How many people have had a match with Serena Williams?
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How many Serena Williams questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 70 questions about Serena Williams on WikiAnswers.

How many more tennis games has Venus Williams won against Serena Williams?

Serena leads the head to head 8-7 currently.

Has Serena Williams defeated Venus Williams?

Yes, Serena has defeated Venus many times, and same goes that other way. They are rivals for that reason.

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Where can you find pictures of Serena Williams?

There are a great many sites where you can find pictures of Serena Williams. One site with a lot of them is Starpulse. See the "related link" below.

How many siblings do Serena and Venus Williams have and what are their names?

about four i think.

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How many brothers does Serena Williams have?