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Q: Youngest ever male to win swimming world championship?
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Who was the youngest prize fighter to ever win the heavy weight championship or the world?

Randy Orton was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion

Who was the youngest ever driver to win the Formula One World Championship?

Lewis Hamilton (UK) won the 2008 Formula 1 world championship at age 23, the youngest in history.

Who is the youngest world heavyweight champion ever?

Brock Lesnar won the world heavyweight championship at the age of 24

Who is the youngest ever formula one driver who won world championship?

Sebastian Vettel is the youngest ever formula one driver to win the driver world championship. Before him this record was held by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel also holds other youngest records like the youngest driver to win 2, 3 and 4 titles back to back.

Who is the youngest ever winner of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship?

Mike Tyson was the youngest man to ever win a heavyweight boxing title but Floyd Patterson is the youngest ever undisputed world champion, though Patterson never fought in the multi commission ruled era of the WBC, WBA, & IBF.

The youngest ever male world swimming champion is who?

When he was 15 Ian Thorpe won the 400 meter freestyle at the world championships. This made him the youngest male swimming world champion ever.

How old was Randy Orton when he became the youngest person to ever hold the world heavy weight championship?

Randy Orton at the age of 24 was the youngest person to hold a title belt in the WWE. That title belt just happen to be the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Who was the youngest player ever to win the Snooker World Championship?

Stephen Hendry, at 21 years 106 days old in 1990.

Who is the youngest man to ever win gold at the Summer Games?

Michael Phelps in swimming

Who was the Youngest ever snooker world champion?

Steven Hendry is the youngest ever. Previous to him it was Alex Higgins.

Who was the youngest basketball player to win the finals?

The youngest basketball player ever to win a championship in the finals was ................ Michael Jordan 23 from The Chicago Bulls

Who is the youngest f1 race champion?

Sebastian Vettel is the youngest f1 race champion. He holds the following youngest records in formula one: a. He is the youngest ever double, triple and quadruple world champion in formula one history b. He has won 4 consecutive formula 1 drivers titles in his career c. He is the youngest ever driver to score championship points in formula 1 d. He is the youngest ever driver in formula 1 to secure pole position e. He is the youngest ever driver to win a formula 1 race

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