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About half the matches are reel

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Q: You wonder if they really like touching each other?
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What does it mean when a woman keep touching a woman?

It means that they probably REALLY fancy each other.

How do you kiss in Club Penguin?

You get really close to each other with your nose touching and give the heart sign DONE!

When a girl and another girl sleep with each other and they start touching each other in places they shouldn't be touching what does that mean?

it means there lesbians and maybe r attracted to each other

How do Hispanics greet each other?

By touching each others legs

Does an ant talk?

sort of,you could call it talking but it's really just touching each other with there antenna's and releasing pheromones

How do angels greet each other?

Angels greet each other by touching their wing tips together.

What force involves objects touching each other?


What is Felynn?

Group of Guys that loves touching each other . In other words loving each other and making love on the bed.

Do gas particles touch each other?

No they dont they have all the space they need to move about without touching each other.

The force that keeps objects that are touching each other from sliding past each other easily?

This force is called friction.

How do maori greet each other?

The maori greet by touching noses

What will slow down two things that are touching each other?


Does adjacent mean across from each other?

No. 'Adjacent' means 'next to each other'. In a geometric figure, adjacent sides are touching.

Can touching breast with my boy friends and smooch will cause pregnant?

No that's impossible you can't get pregnant from kissing and touching each other

How do you know if a boy or girl parakeet like each other?

If they do, they will cuddle up next to each other with their wings touching as they perch. If they don't, they will fight with each other and keep their distance.Also if they like each other they will feed each other.

Can you get pregnant by touching each other?

if sperm gets colse to your vigina its possible that you can

What force that resists the motion of two surfaces that are touching each other?


Why do the bars touch in histograms?

The intervals that the bars represent are touching each other.

What is a force that resist the motion relative to each other for objects that are touching?


Can you place four identical coins so that each is touching the other three?

Place three coins touching each other on a table etc. Then place the fourth coin on top of and in the middle of those three coins.

What is the concentration of heat caused by two pans touching each other?

The concentration of heat caused by pans that touch each other is called what?

Why do straight men hump each other?

Straight men usually DON'T hump each other. I wonder where you got that idea.

How far in are relationship should you start touching each other?

it really depends on the relationship, if u want it to be serious better wait , but if its just sex, the faster the better :D

An example of a non- contact force is?

2 forces that push or pull each other without touching an example is...when 2 magnets are put together they pull ( or push ) each other with out TOUCHING!! ;)Hope you understand! 8)

How do cultures meet?

they say hi and they wonder the woods and discover each other