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Take this link to an article showing different Sherwin Williams paint colors for a "Man's" Red Sox room.

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Q: You want to paint a room Red Sox blue what color is that?
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What color should you paint your room?

when i was younger my room was pretty, with 2 light green walls, and 2 light purple pink walls. right now i want to paint my room a very cream yellow for 3 of the walls, and the fourth a very dark navy blue. if i don't do that, I'm thinking about maybe a purple color, with navy blue stripes. mayyybe.

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It's a matter of preference. If you want your room to look bigger than it is, then you should choose a light color, such as sky blue or apple green. If you want a more small and cozy room, then choose a dark color, like burgundy, brown or even black if you are daring.

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The best color would be your choice of a new plaster finish. Why would you want to paint a pool???

Choosing Interior Paint for the Rooms in a Home?

>How to Choose Paint ColorsThe color of a room's walls can help to set the tone of the space. That's why it's important to consider a selection of colors carefully before deciding which one to use on the walls of a room. The following suggests some ways that a person can go about choosing the most attractive color of interior paint for a room.First, an individual can look at the color of a room's carpeting. For instance, if the room has dark green carpeting the person may want to choose paint in white or even a pastel color to lighten up the atmosphere of the room. Alternatively, if the carpeting is white, pale green or blue paint would serve as a splash of color in the room. The carpeting in a room can serve as a guide for determining which color of interior paint to use.Oftentimes, it is wise to consider the furnishings in a room before choosing a color of interior paint. The paint on the walls can complement or even highlight colors in a room's furnishings. For instance, the sofa in a room may have a slipcover featuring colorful flowers in yellow, purple, and green. The home owner may opt to paint the walls in lavender complementing the purple designs in the sofa's slipcover. This will add a sense of visual harmony to the room. Interior paint can coordinate with practically any furnishing in a room including an upholstered chair, a love seat or even the window curtains!Some home owners go with their favorite colors when choosing paint for their rooms. This is also an easy way to end up with a room that is comfortable and inviting. Generally, there is not just one shade of particular color of paint. For instance, there are many shades of blue for a home owner to consider. Most paint stores have samples that people can take home to help them make a decision on a shade of color. A new coat of interior paint in a favorite color can instantly give a room a fresh look!

What should you do with your blue and yellow bedroom?

either decorate it or if you dont want it that color paint over it. ok?????

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I have no idea and I'm very upset because I'm about to paint my room and want it to be his favorite color 😤

What color should you do your room if you want zebra print on one wall?

pink, blue or purple

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You should just do what you like. But if you want my opinion go with blue or wait until the baby comes and show him different kinds of colors to see which one he/she likes.

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Perhaps no other decorating decision is more important that selecting the color of paint in your room. Different colors can change a room dramatically. A room can have the same furniture, floor plan, and accessories, but change the color of the walls and the mood of the room changes instantly. Adding a new coat of paint to your walls can help to freshen up your home and can be done inexpensively. Before painting your room, you need to think about how you want your room to look and what kind of feeling you are trying to achieve by switching the paint color. For example, if the room is a child’s bedroom or a nursery, you may want to pick bright and happy colors that reflect the function of the room. It would be inappropriate to paint the room a dark shade. On the other hand, if you have a formal living room with heavy furniture, you might want to choose a rich color to emphasize the warmth and to make it feel cozier. One good way to select interior paint is to think about what colors you’ve used in the room already. Take inspiration from the fabrics in your room. If your fabrics have several colors in them, you can pick out one of those colors and integrate it into the wall color. This will help to tie the color of the walls into the color of the fabrics, creating a unified look to your room. If you have a lot of solid colored furniture in your room, think about contrasting that color with the wall paint. One way to do this is to consult the color wheel. Colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel stand out well against one another. For example, if you have a red couch, you may want to select a shade of green for your walls since red and green are on opposite sides of the color wheel. You can also go with a monochromatic color scheme, choosing different shades of red to go with your couch. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what color you select for your interior paint as long as you like the color and it makes you happy.

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Whatever color you want.

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