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You need at least a 3 pack and good muscles. There isusually lots of dance (for girls not Olympic level like level 4 to 10) and at least 3 tumbling passes. Also other stuff that is not dance and tumbling like pretty easy stuff. Also you have 4 events (for girls) that are beam, bars, vault, and floor. All of them are hard. Gymnastics is such a hard sport but very fun too. So if you give it a try you could get good.

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Q: You want to make a spring floor tumbling strip what do you need?
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How high does grass spring floor and hard floor make you bounce?

Grass 8 to 11 centimeters, Hard Floor 8 to 12 centimeters, Spring Floor 10 to 15 centimeters

How high does spring floor make you bounce?

About 15 to 10 centermeters

What is Acrofitness?

Acrofitness is non-competitive, street tumbling. There is no beam, bars or vault, and no spring floor. So it is gymnastics pretty much. Also there are teams. those teams's instructors will make up a routine for them, then that team (Along with other teams. There are several.) Will go to schools to show kids the fitness is fun! Acrofitness is only in Mooresville North Carolina and Conneticut.

Will power tumbling be in olympics 2012?

No unfortunately tumbling will not be in the 2012 Olympics. It had been applied for but did not make it, hopefully it may get in for 2016. It's such an amazing sport!

What is a straight used in gymnastics?

The equipment used in gymnastics is there is a vaulting table always about 100- 135 centimeters off the ground. On bars the men use one parallel metal bar. The women use two uneven bars made of wood. Also for bars women and men use grips that they put chalk on to say put on the bars. For floor you use a spring floor to make the tumbling easier. For beam women use a long "beam" that is 4 in. long. Men do not do beam.

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