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Krav maga is not taught 'watered down' by qualified instructors. It is a straight forward art without any fluff.

To give you extra insight into your question on wanting to learn "hardcore Krav maga such as taught to Mossad any ideas".

Based on my own almost 10 years of Krav Maga training (26 years I am in self defese or full contact Martial Arts). I trained in a few different versions of Krav maga, became an krav maga instructor. (plus already 4th dan in Mugendo, full contact kick boxing for year, & do muay thai too)

I came across a very "hardcore" version of Krav Maga, I was impressed & I certified as instructor in this "version" of "hardcore" Krav Maga, developed by top expert in Israel called Itay Gil (This was 3 years before "Human Weapon" krav maga History Channel feature, which he appeared in). Itay Gil who was head of I.D.F. Krav Maga training, after he did 9 years active service in unit called Yamam, and still training the Duvdevan IDF unit in Krav Maga and I think the IDF version of navy seal (Sayreth 13, I think is name?) they all are trained in "hardcore krav maga".

A friend an associate of Itay Gil, who taught me combat shooting, (part of this style of krav maga instructor certification requirement) who severed in Israeli Special Unit Sayreth Duvdevan maybe 10+ years back, told me the Krav Maga traning was very "hardcore" & daily 2 - hours for 4 - 6 months, then training was montly "top up". Broken noses, KOs, injuries etc. The IDF Krav Maga Instructor who trained him was a son of famous Israel Martial Arts expert Dennis Hannover. Apparently the injury rate was so high from hardcore Krav Maga the very elite units learned was so high, up to 40% of those selected had to drop out due to injury. (open to correction on that figure), this units krav maga training IDF cut back to 4 months & 2 hours daily to stop the injury rate. (Remember these dudes Shoot!.. KM is a back up).

The civilian version is 90% similar syllabus, and it is very simple, very strike orientated, not many techniques, more improvised focused. However, Full Contact all out fighting and full contact attacks from weapons (rubber training knife, baton. gun disarms with gas power air soft guns). I also incorporate a lot of full contact sparring boxing etc, boxing Vs kickboxing with knees etc (and all out fighting non stop 1 min drills). Where I instruct my Krav Maga class, following the syllabus & ethos from Itay Gil.

How Hardcore? My Krav Maga class I treach, & train (only several of us small group)

I got ribs broken few weeks back during the above free fighting full contact drills (still trained on), yesterday was hard fighting with one guy very close to full knock out. Tomorrow is going be full contact Krav Maga knife defenses, & batons (using hard plastic heavy pipe... not a foam training baton). Black eyes are common. We ease off the hard hard stuff for a few weeks, then do at least 1 week a month full on, do or die.

That is the way Itay Gil's Krav Maga method is, that's what he teaches to Special IDF Units (see YouTube etc.

Long answer because I the above is the only way I could give you you a fair full answer to your question. Compare the "hardcore" to other versions of Krav Maga and draw your own conclusions.

Final point, in martial arts in general, there is too much talk about "styles" in general view it like this, there is e.g. punches/strikes etc. E.g. in a real fight street self defense - it is either you or the criminal violent attacker. Only one of you will Win!

There is only 2 types of punch/strike -

1. A Bad Punch/Strike. they did not damage your attacker. (so your in danger now)

2. A Good Punch/Strike's which stunned, neutralized, injured your attacker so you can escape. (Your not a victim, your out of danger. You got a successful result.)

Styles - be it Krav Maga or other Reality Self Defense Martial Arts, it is not so much the style most have very similar punches/strikes etc , it is HOW you train that makes Krav maga good for the street. Hardcore full contact and also on street attack recreations and very aggressive mindset.

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Q: You want to learn krav maga but not the light version that's for womens self defense you wanna learn the hard core version that they teach mossad officers any ideas?
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