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You can find prices on your cards for free on WikiAnswers. To determine a value of your card ask the question providing the following important information: The year the card was issued, the company that issued the card, the player, and the card number.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-09 15:04:23
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Q: You want to know the prices of your baseball cards?
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You cannot know what specific cards you will get when you buy Match Attax cards from your local newsagent/supermarket. However, if you know what card you want to buy, you can buy it off Amazon, although some people will ask for extortionate prices.

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You can find the best prices on phone cards by checking with various websites online. An easy way to do this is to use an aggregator, such as A quick search will show you which sites have the products you need at the price you want:

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Where online can a person go to find baseball card trading options?

A person can trade baseball cards through sport card enthusiast websites, like SportsCardForum. One can also sell cards they no longer want on eBay so they can buy ones they do want.

Who prints baseball cards?

Topps. Topps makes a of the baseball cards, or most of them. Overall, if you want a baseball card, go to Topps. Their the best. Their are many different brands, Topps, wich I think is the best, Flair, Upper Deck, and many more.

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