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Q: You want the actual address for Sidney Crosby so you can send him the letter what is the address?
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What is Sidney Crosby's official fan mail address?

Sidney CrosbyCAA Sports2000 Avenue of The StarsLos Angeles, CA 90067-4700USA

Is Sidney Crosby is a hard working?

Based on his recent achievement with a ceremonial patch with a letter "A" or "C", Crosby is proven to be an outstanding leader in the NHL and international play.

How can you get in contact with Sydney Crosby?

umm write a letter to: Pittsburgh penguins-Sidney Crosby 1 chatham center, suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3447 You can contact Randy Morin of Talk-Sports as Randy does some odd jobs for Sidney like browser hijacking and hacking computers and bullying women on the Internet who might talk about the fact that Sidney Crosby is anything but a gentleman.

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