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I am very sorry for you M/C. The symptoms you're experience may be remainder pregnancy symptoms which can occur when you still have some HCG remaining in your system. If you're still experiencing pregnancy symptoms in 7 days, see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

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Q: You had a miscarriage two weeks ago you now have sore breasts tingling nipples stomach and back cramps heart burn and a bit of discharge?
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Why does your nipples hurt and are staying hard and your breasts are sore?

To a woman, this condition pertains of being stimulated her body that brings sensation all over her body; erect nipples, and swelling breasts. When a man touch the swelled breasts, a tingling feeling arise that leads to a sexual intercourse.

Are sore swollen breasts with tingling nipples and dark circles around the nipple itself an early sign of pregnancy?


Are sore breasts and a burning feeling with tingling and irritated nipples signs of pregnancy?

Yes, my breast were extremely sensitive during the first twelve weeks.

What are some of the warning signs of pregnancy?

There are many warning signs of pregnancy. Some warning signs include tingling nipples, spotting, cramping, morning sickness, swollen breasts, a missed period, and/or darkened nipples.

What are the Side effects of the pill?

Side effects are: * Abdominal cramping * Nausea * Headache * Tiredness * Decrease/Increase in vaginal discharge * Swollen breasts * Tender nipples/breasts

What causes just swollen nipples without any pain in the nipples or the breast?

Cold, rough clothing rubbing, sexual arousal, menstruation can all cause swollen nipples. So can pregnancy,but this is usually accompanied by some sensation in the breasts, if only a tingling.

Can you have any signs when your 2 weeks pregnant?

A woman can experience early pregnancy signs at two weeks. You may experience a tingling or prickling sensation at the nipples of your breasts. You may also have tender breasts after conception.

What are the typical pregnancy symptoms?

Missed period. Nausea or vomiting Cramping Veins on breasts Tender breasts or nipples A line going down your abdomonen from your belly button (not all the time) Headaches Tiredness Excessively urinating Extra or a lot of vaginal discharge similar to ovulation discharge.

7 days past ovulation and i had a little red spot of pink or brown discharge when i whiped my nipples itch and breast are sensitive i have been emotional possible pregnancy?

7 days past ovulation and you have little red spots discharge at your nipples, and sensitive breasts warrants a pregnancy test.

What causes nipple discharge?

this depends. if you have had a baby before, sometimes your breasts still leak milk. if you are young, your nipples sometimes give out a milk like discharge, which is totally normal.

Is Jenna Coleman ticklish?

She once said that her nipples be very sensitive and her breasts were too

Why are your nipples sore to touch but not your breasts?

Because your nipples are small and the breasts are larger with less nerve endings spread out

When your pregnant does your whole breast hurt or just your nipple M y nipples are very sore but breasts are fine?

It varies for each person - sometimes breasts and nipples, sometimes just nipples and sometimes just breasts

Why are you still getting a milky discharge from your nipples five months after having a miscarriage?

This may be due to too much progesterone in your blood. You need to see your doctor for a blood test and breast examination.

Do birds have nipples?

No, only mammmals have nipples, or furthermore, breasts.

Can you play with big nipples?

Absolutely. Nurse the woman clean, Then sing while clapping and tapping on her breasts and nipples with your fingers and hands. David Wesson. :)

Do breasts hurt when they get bigger naturally?

When breasts start to grow and until they have stopped growing it can hurt in both nipples and breasts. Nipples get more sensitive but it all passes eventually.

Do gerbils have breasts?

no they have nipples not boobs nipples (only girls though)

Do cats have breasts?

No, but they have nipples.

What is the discharge from dogs nipples?

The discharge from a dog's nipples may be milk or colostrum. Dogs can produce milk after giving birth to feed their litter.

What does mean when you have sore nipples?

When you have sore nipples, it means that your breasts are developing, or you are at puberty.

Is it possible to squeeze milk from your nipples during PMS?

Milk is only produced in a womans breasts after she has given birth. Colostrum is produced during the third trimester of pregnancy. During PMS, you can not squeeze milk from your nipples. Nipple discharge which is white or clear in colour is usually harmless and means there is a build up of progesterone. You will need to see your doctor to be certain about this though. Rusty coloured discharge, bloody discharge and yellow/green discharge is usually infection or more serious.

Do bigger nipples mean bigger breasts?


When do the nipples grow on breasts?

Nipples are present from birth and are there before the "boobs" begin to grow.

Is discharge for nipples a sign of pregnancy?