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Personally, I go to a small school, so this could be different for a big school. At our school, if you were 169 lbs. and 5'9", you'd probably be put in at strong safety or cornerback. However, if you mean big, like strong, you could play some Devensive tackle like my freind Erik.

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Cornerback. If your quick then play cornerback its a tough position but get in the weight room get big and run alot to improve your speed. Also if you have your heart set on an offensive position you could always play slot receiver if you've got hands good luck

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it depends on how fast u are see im 5"10 175 and i am a wide receiver and im a freshman to and i run a 4.8 forty so if run between a 4.8 or 5.0 u should be a running back or a wide receiver

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Q: You are 5'10 and 195 lbs what position should i play in high school football if I'm in 9th grade?
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