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Q: You are 15 and you are 6 foot 3how tall will you be when you grow up?
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I am 15 and 5 foot 4 taller than all my family but my uncles are all pretty tall how tall will I grow to be?

Exactly 5 foot 9 inches.

How tall is ginormica?

about 26 foot tall and a subadult is about 15 foot tall

How tall is a tree that casts a 25 foot shadow at the same time a 9 foot light pole casts a 15 foot shadow?

15 feet high

How tall can a sunflower get in inches?

SunflowerSunflowers can grow anywhere from 3 to 15 feet tall.

Lantana How tall do lantana grow?

If Lantana is grown as an annual, it will grow to about 4' tall by 3' wide. If it is grown as a perennial it can grow up to 15' high.

How tall - in centimeters - can an African violet grow?

They can grow from 6-15 cm tall and can be anywhere from 6-30 cm wide.

Is five foot ten inches tall for a 15 year old?

No, it is not.

How tall does a mushroom grow to be?

at least 15 inches or higher

You are 5'1 at 15 years old and both of my parents are 5'2 tall how tall will you be?

five foot two =)

I'm turn 15 already and only 5'3 ft tall but my father is 6'0 can I grow to his height Tell me?

Yes, if you are 5'3 feet tall and your dad is 6'0 feet tall and you are only 15, then chances are very high that you will grow as tall as him.

5 foot 11 inch 15 years?

If you are asking if that is tall, yes it is very tall for a girl and it is sort of tall for a boy.

How big do mini shelties get?

Toy Shar Pei are 12" to 15" tall. Mini Shar Pei are 15" to 17" tall.