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he best known in Basketball

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Q: Yao ming best known
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What is Yao Ming's real name?

Ming yao

What were the names of Yao Ming's parents?

Yao Ming's Mom name: Fang Fengdi Yao Ming's Dad name: Yao Zhiyuan

Was Yao Ming deaf?

Yao Ming wasn't deaf.

Where was Yao Ming born?

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, China.

Who is NBA's Ming?

yao ming

How high can yao ming jump?

Even though Yao Ming did not often have to jump and rarely did jump he was known to have a 15 inch vertical at one point

Who is taller shaquille o'neil or yao ming?

Yao Ming is 7'6 and Shaquille O'Neal is 7'2. Yao Ming is taller by 4 inches.

Why was yao ming named yao ming?

because it was his destiny to be named Yao Ming by his 6ft 10 father and 6ft 1 mother

When was Yao Ming born?

Yao Ming was born on September 12, 1980.

What position does Yao Ming play?

Yao Ming is the center of the Houston Rockets

What is Yao Ming's birthday?

Yao Ming was born on September 12, 1980.

When was Gan Yao Ming born?

Gan Yao Ming was born in 1972.

Are Sun Ming Ming and Yao Ming brothers?


Is yao ming the best center of all time?

he is awsome but not quit the best

Is Yao Ming's province in China known for tall people?

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, China. In general China is not known for producing tall people. They have however produced some of the tallest basketball players in the world. They are Sun Mingming who is 7â??9″ and of course Yao Ming who is 7â??6″.

Where is Yao Ming from?

Yao Ming was born September 12, 1980 in Shanghai, China.

Who were the main god and goddesses in ancient china?

Yao Ming & Yao Ming-ette

Which is his first name Yao or Ming?


How do you spell yoa ming?

Yao Ming

Who is the most popular basketball player in this season?

Yao Ming is the best

Does Yao Ming have siblings?

yes ming ming 7'8

What is yao mings real name?

yao ming

How much does yao ming weigh?

Yao Ming weighs 310 pounds or 141 kg.

How tall was yao ming when he was born?

Yao ming at the age of 1 was 5 foot 6.

Did yao ming retire from basketball?

In 2011, Yao Ming announced his retirement from professional basketball.