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Q: Wwwwal-mart suppercenterjob suchessend me feed back Mary Alice roberson will you hire and call randy roberson if you don't hireme?
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Sample Resume A?

In order to write a successful resume, there are a few tips to adhere to. Resumes should be simple, straightforward, easy to read and complete. Resumes should have sections clearly labeled. A resume should give complete information, highlight a person’s skills and be tailored to each job a person is applying for. Sample Resume: John Doe (this text should be centered and larger than all others, preferably 16 pt and bold) 123 Alphabet St (contact information should all be centered and bold) New York, NY 000000 Home: (123) 456-7890 Cell: (234) 567-8901 Email: Skills and Abilities: (leave the heading left justified and should be bold) Use this area to list 6 to 8 skills that are bulleted and are what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Each job a person applies for should have a resume specific to it. List skills pertinent to that job. Skills should be bold, bulleted and centered. For example: Skills and Abilities: Supervisor Skills Cash Handling Skills Customer Service Inventory Typing 65 wpm Warehouse Experience Work History: (leave the heading left justified and should be bold) Starting with most current employer, list employer, address, phone, hire dates and depart dates, or list presently employed, supervisor’s name and phone followed by duties and last rate of pay. Current employment information should be bold. Leave a blank line between each employment section. List at least 5 years worth of work history. For example: Work History: ABC Factory 111 E 1st St London, KY 22222 (000) 000-0000 01/01/2001 - Presently employed Supervisor: Tom Smith Supervisor’s Phone: (000) 000-0001 Duties: Stocking shelves, building units, sanitation, train 5 employees on how to build units, order supplies and timesheets. Current Rate of Pay: $11.11 Education: (leave the heading left justified and should be bold) Start with most current education and work backwards. List the school name, address, phone, area studied, date completed or attended if not completed and what degree received. Highlight school name and degree/certificate received. Make sure to list any special awards received while attending the school. For Example: Education Skills College 222 E 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 33333 Area of study: Factory Engingeering Associate Degree receieved 00/00/0000 Awards: Graduated with honors and as valedictorian If desired, the last section can list affiliations and organizations. This shows an employer what a person’s character is like. List club, general location information, dates and titles. For Example: Affiliations and Organizations Make-A-Wish Phoenix, AZ Title: Wish Granter Dates 00/00/0000-00/00/0000

How to build an Uber-like application for small business?

HireMe Taxi is a pre-fabricated Uber Clone Script that is an entirely white label taxi app and can be customized based on business requirements. Based on intuitive, responsive panels, our script promises a seamless user experience. Our comprehensive product comprises 4 applications within it: A Passenger App A Driver App An Admin Panel Customer front website with taxi booking features n the taxi industry, many companies are selling uber clone taxi booking app which has already been tested and is used by others in the market. Before investing in a clone app you should know the advantages of it. LOW COST If you are planning to develop your own taxi booking app from scratch it may cost you a tremendous amount of money. Hiring app developers, designers, and business analysts, is highly expensive. On the other hand, for the clone app, you only have to pay a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription. QUICK TO MARKET For developing your own uber clone script you need to wait for months. This means losing a competitive advantage in the market. But in the case of clone apps, it’s different. You are using a tested service/product which is readily available in the market. The only time you need is for customizing your app which barely takes a few days. BRAND VISIBILITY In this era, no one waits at the roadside for getting a taxi. Everyone prefers using their smartphones or tablets for booking a cab. Even tourists use taxi services which are available online. The availability of your business online can also create a good impression. HIGH PROFIT Clone apps also increase your visibility thus fetching more customers for you. By increasing customers and cutting down your commissions, the clone app plays an important role in increasing your profits. POST-RELEASE MAINTENANCE If you are developing your own app you should hire a system administrator for this which will cost you more. While using a clone app you don’t have to worry about maintenance or troubleshooting problems. BETTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT When you are developing your own app, you cannot predict the outcome and viability. You cannot be sure about how things will turn out. But the clone app is something that has been already tested and is running successfully in the market. It gives you an expected return on investment. Grepix launched its own On-Demand products - Taxi app, food delivery management like Doordash, Restaurant Management like Yelp, Eat24. And already associated with different business spheres such as on-demand delivery, Medicine delivery, Ambulance, Grocery delivery, Car Wash, Tutor, crane operators, Bikes, Truck, plumbing services, house services, trucking & logistics, car rental, boat & cruises, on-demand bikes, autos & chauffeurs, etc. Please do share your email Id for further communication. Or you can directly connect with us on skype or WhatsApp. Skype id: vinayjain21 Whatsapp: +91 8860213347