Wwe raw total edition cheats

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Increase voltage:


When you slash your opponent and when he's tired on the ground press

the "Action button" for a while, standing away from opponent. You can

see a sudden increase in voltage. Do it many times for fast pinning.

For more points:


If you are playing a title match then type "voltage" to incrase your voltage.

New thing:


There is a new thing. the wooden tables also breaks.(wooden tables, not commentry

tables. they also break but it is not new). just ram your opponent on it.



Pick up an item using the "Action" button,press any directional button twice, [press

it the first time and hold it the second time]. The character will start to run, run

towards the ring and press the "Action" button to enter. Action Button-A have fun but

watch out you will get disqualified in some matches.

How to wear the trophy belts after winning a title match:


If you want to wear the trophy belt after winning any title match then go to create a

superstar,then create any superstar . go to its appearance and select male and then

select extra favourite items and there will come all the belts you

have won.then seleect any one belt of them.then save the any match with

that superstar and it must be wearing that belt you had chose.

Give Finisher:


U Can Give Finishers With Every Superstar

For Edge Spear

Press Forward Key Two Times He Runs And When U Go Near To Opponent Press ''s''

Then See Spear Will Be Given

As All Standing That Is Grapling Moves Press ''s'' And Then Again ''s''+''a''

Super Stunner:



Super Stunner Is A Move Where A Player Gives Stone Cold ''Stunner'' From The Turnbuckle...

For That U Need To Creat A Play Go To Moves And Select ''Opponent On The Turnbuckle Facing

You'' Then U Press ''s'' U Get Some Of The Moves Like Shake And Move etc...,etc...,

U Have Super Stunner Option And Then Press S And Then esc Two Times Then Enter Then Back

To Main After Saving Ure Player Play A Match And See That Ure Player Gives That Stunner Not

Only At Power Bar Increses But Also When U Have No Power..!

Hope This Will Work At Ure PC's

Rey Mysterio finishing move:


When ur opponent is caught in center of the ring go near the ring and press s.

Rey mysterio does hi 6.1.9. attack.

Finishing moves:


you take undertaker&when opponent shake then press left or right arrow key &press S when

he hold press "D" he will give choke slam you take KANE WHEN THE OPPONENT SHAKE PRESS UP


Super moves:


If you want to do super moves like pedigree and etc, you must press action and grapple

when your enemy is groogy. This also work on the turnbukle and running.

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Q: Wwe raw total edition cheats
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