Wwe how Kane became fire?

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Q: Wwe how Kane became fire?
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Did Kane get burned as a kid?

Through the WWE storyline it is said that Kane was burned in a fire as a child. The storyline revealed the Undertaker (Kane's half-brother in WWE) started the fire that burned him. This is why Kane wore his mask when he made his debut in WWE. Kane's eye is different to his other eye because it was burned. However, this is only a storyline because Glenn Jacobs (Kane) uses contacts to show Kane's past.

Where do you find Kane new theme song?

WWE superstar Kane's current theme "Man on Fire" can be found on the album WWE The Music Vol 9: Voices.

Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they where children?

Not really, its just part of the WWE storyline where Kane and Undertaker are rivals.

What is the name of WWE Kane newest theme?

kanes new theme is under the fire

Where does the WWE Kane live at?

wwe Kane live at Knoxville, Tennessee

Who is Kane?

Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane is a wwe wrestler. Kane is Glenn Thomas Jacobs or Kane (WWE)

Did Kane would fire his mother?

obvisly he would he mudred his own brother and wwe is real

Where can you get Kane's email?

Who sings Kane's WWE opening song?

AnswerFinger Eleven - Slow ChemicalKane's WWE opening song is Man On Fire by Jim Johnston, that has been Kane's theme song since August of 2008.

Who won the WWE world heavy weight champion ship edge or Kane at survivor series?

Kane became still World Heavyweight Champion.

Who stronger Kane or undertaker?

The undertaker is stronger then kane . And he will proved that when returns to wwe in october 23 2011 at wwe vengence to fued with kane . Officialy declared by wwe

Kane VS Kane?

WWE vengeance 2006

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