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Q: Write just the names of as many EPl as possibly (that you think a child can do) and which are not Mentioned in the book?
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Why are names of places sometimes in brackets on street signs?

Possibly, the same street names appear in two places. In order to differentiate, local place in mentioned in bracket.

What do the wives of Noah Lot and Job have in common?

Their names are not mentioned in The Bible

How many names or attributes of God are mentioned in the Quran?

They are 99 names or attributes mentioned for God in Quran.

In new moon does Jane ever mention her fullname?

None of the Volturi are ever mentioned having full names in the books, but I read somewhere that their last name could possibly be Volturi.

Are all names that mentioned in the Bible are for prophets?

Not sure especially that the explicit mentioned names are different from one Bible to another.More information:No. Many other names are mentioned in the Bible in addition to the names of prophets.One more informationIn Quran, Muslims holy book, 25 prophets are mentioned by name although said in Quran that many other prophets are there but not mentioned by name in Quran. refer to related question below for the names of those 25 prophets.

Write five names for 64?

many names for noumber . write five names for 64.

Write five names for 8.01?

write five names for 8.01

Who are rue's siblings?

Their names were never mentioned.

Do the Chinese write their first names first?

Unlike the western custom, Chinese write their family names first, then write their given names.

What are the names of islands mentioned in Harry Potter?

There are no islands

Georg listing single?

No he is in a relationship but not with the first one he mentioned a year ago. No names are being mentioned.

Who were Jesus's stepsisters?

A:Matthew 13:55-56 identifies the brothers as James, Joses, Simon and Judas and says that Jesus had sisters, without naming them. This is omission is not surprising, as girls were regarded as much less important than boys.