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go under the arms, use them to grab around the shoulder.

then roll him over where he is on top.then hook your right leg around his right arm over the shoulder.

put your right leg over the head but not behind the shoulder.

when you got both legs around his throat pull his head down but not hard!

done with aloty of pressure it can cause internal bleeding but your bf will be impressed :D

A few alternatives that are perhaps a little easier to apply than maneouvering him into what sounded like a triangle choke

Move forward so you are sitting high on his chest, and kneeling so your calves are under his arms and your thighs on top. Pin his wrists over his head. If he works his wrists free, roll him to the side, cross your legs at the ankles and stretch your legs in a move know as a scissor. Be gentle, with your thighs around his neck or head, you could easily knock him out. He will have to given in and let you go back to sitting on him.

Another alternative from the same sitting high on his chest position is to get his arms stretched out above his head and to then pin them in with your knees and keep them stretched out. Arms at full stretch have less power.

Another alternative is to bounce on him with your bottom perhaps lower down on his stomach. Just kneel up a little eg 4 inches and drop back down, but never so much that he can turn. Each bounce will drive a little air out of him. This can be a good way to wear him down before applying one of the other techniques, or alternatively it can work on its own. A lady did this to me and I was unable to resist after 5 bounces and pretty much helpless after 10 and she was not a huge lady, weighing only about as much as me.

Another alternative is an arm entanglement. I am guessing that you are play fighting and not too bothered about the rules of Wrestling. Kneel astride him. Hold his right arm with your right hand, so that his is bent at the elbow with his wrist about shoulder height. With your left arm, go under his right bicep and grip your own right wrist. By pulling down with your right hand and levering up with your left, you can put a twist into his elbow that will make him submit, but again do this carefully and gradually.

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Q: Wrestling girls My bf likes to wrestle with me I want to beat him I get him down and sit on him but can't control his arms How do you hold a man down by sitting on him What is the best way?
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