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No, support your local shop

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Q: Would you buy skateboards at academy?
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Where can one buy habitat skateboards?

One can buy habitat skateboards from Warehouse Skateboards where there are many available to purchase. One can also buy them from eBay and Skate Warehouse.

Where does jaden smith buys his skateboards?

Somewhere where you buy skateboards

Where can you buy skateboards in Fremont?

On the boardwalk.

Where can you find Element skateboards?

You can buy Element Skateboards at blackholeboards's website or at a local Modern Skate and Surf.

Can they make skateboards cheaper?

yeah they could but then no one would buy them cause all cheap skateboard break.

Can you buy skateboards at IKEA?

look on the website they might do :)

Can you buy a skateboard on Lego universe?

they don't have skateboards

I need to buy new skateboards online.?

You can buy skateboards online at Another good place, if you don't mind buying used, is The prices will be much cheaper if you buy used.

Where can one buy Blind Skateboards?

Blind skateboards can be bought at online or high street skateboard or surf retailers. You may also be able to find blind skateboards on eBay or Amazon.

Where can you buy skateboard in Sri Lanka?

u can buy it in araniko skateboards,thamel

Where can you buy skateboards in srilanka?

the biggest place is in a mall called esplanade in ratchada

Where can you buy Sonic the Hedgehog skateboards?

u can get them off eBay