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Bounce is affected by the elasticity of the ball and its internal pressure. The more elastic and optimum pressure, the better the bounce. However, weight is another factor, a heavy ball with the same elasticity and internal pressure as another ball will not bounce as high since force is a function of mass and velocity.

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size/shape- amount of air resistance

weight - amount of gravity

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Q: Would the weight of a basketball affect the bounce?
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Why is basketball hollow?

If a basketball were not hollow, it would be extremely heavy and would not bounce.

Will grass make a basketball bounce?

No,of course not, the friction between the basketball and the grass would make the ball bounce less.

What bounces higher a golf ball or basketball?

If you were bouncing them both, a basketball would bounce higher.

Are you allowed to stop then bounce in basketball?

No, that would be called double dribble and yes if you receive the ball, stop then you can bounce.

What can you change in a basketball bounce?

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How do different types of basketballs affect how high the ball will bounce?

ok so the men's basketball is heavier obviously while the girls is a little bit lighter. Therefore the heavier of the ball the more muscel you need to make it go higher. This shows the girls basketball would be easier to bounce high.

How high will a basketball bounce on concrete grass and carpet?

A basketball will bounce more on concrete because it is a flatter surface then carpet and grass

Can a basketball be shaped like a football?

No...It would bounce all over the place...

Why would a basketball at room temperature bounce higher than a frozen basketball?

The basketball at room temperature has more energy, because cold is just the absence of energy. The ball that is frozen would not bounce as high because it is wanting to stay in that shape, and has less time to react.

Would an egg wrapped in clay bounce at the same as a basketball when dropped on top of it?

Answer 1 NO!NO!NO!

Would a basketball bounce higher than a soccerball if you drop them from the same height?


How should you bounce basketball?

How is this chemistry.... but do it however you would like to.