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A red dot sight isn't very good with a paintball gun, unless it is used completely still with a bipod, using premium paint and a high end barrel. far range you can see who your shooting at. 12-14" the optimum size for a barrel. Though straight rifled barrels are more accurate than say, a Tippmann barrel, the most accurate barrels are two piece barrels, with changeable bore (diameter) inserts. Then you can overbore (have barrel slightly larger, and by slightly i mean .01 of an inch) or underbore (have it slightly smaller than the ball) or try to get it perfect, but paintball generally are not perfect spheres and vary by hundredths to tenths of an inch depending on paint quality.

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Q: Would the tippmann 98 14 sniper barrel be good with a red dot scope?
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What are the features of the Tactical 9x32 Sniper Scope for the Tippmann A5?

It can zoom up to 32 times normal range and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper scope?

no, in fact there is no such scope where you can attach another on it, plus it would look stupid

How do you turn a CA m14 into a sniper rifle?

buy a scope and scope mount, get an outer barrel sillencer extention, upgrade to a 6.03 milimeter tightbore barrel, and install a bipod.

What is the cost for a good Sniper Scope?

A high end Sniper Scope can be picked up for 600$ however one could get a relatively good sniper scope for about 150 - 200 $. This price range would be ideal for hunting etc.

What would be a starting paintball sniper?

The browning is typically your common sniper rifle with a scope added , but you could use a M240 , and put a scope on it , LIKE A BOSS

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper?

Yes of course

In wow what level does sniper scope attach?

The sniper scope will attach to any level gun, but you have to be level 40 to actually gain the benefit of it.

Can you scope in crossfire?

Scope as in sniping? Well if its that yes.They have 4 sniper rifles.

Can you put a sniper scope on a beretta storm?


How do you scope with the Dragon Sniper in Uncharted 2?

You can scope with the Dragon Sniper in Uncharted 2 by pressing and holding the L1 trigger on the PlayStation 3 controller.

How do you mount a scope on a crosman model 3576 airgun?

The gun is not really designed to hold a scope. The barrel has no way of holding a scope rail. You would have to drill holes in the barrel to mount one. a pistol scope would also be required and it would out cost the price of the gun many times over. a regular rifle scope would not work. So I suggest that this not be attempted. But it's your pistol.

What is the scope on a sniper called?

You already know this one! It's called a scope. There is thermal scope, ACOG scope. It is also called an optic.