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Would it travel further, no.

Would it be hit further, yes.

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Q: Would a warm baseball travel further than a cold baseball?
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Would a cold dry baseball or a warm moist baseball travel farther?

I think a cold dry baseball would travel farther. A warm moist one would be heavier.

Does cold softball travel further than a warm softball?

no, it goes further when it is warmed up

Does sound travel faster in warm or cold air and why?

sound travel faster in cold air half i give you further other person will give

Does warm golf ball travel further than cold golf ball?

Yes I think it does.

Why is the antarctic so cold?

It is so cold because it is not facing the sun that much. The sun's rays have to travel further to reach the poles, and some heat is lost.

Will a cold baseball travel farther than a warm one?

That is the sort of question that could be easily tested by actual experiment. In theory yes, a cold baseball might travel very slightly farther than a warm one, because the cold would make it contract (very slightly) and therefore it would present a smaller surface area to the air, producing less air resistance. I'm not sure that this effect would be large enough to actually detect, however.

Would a cold or warm baseball travel farther?

A warm basball would travel further since the molecules in the ball are moving faster than if it was colder. Although this change of temperature would be very insignificant in everyday life. There would be a greeter affect in the distance if the bat was warm compared to the ball being warm. So if you wan't the ball to travel far have a warm bat and then it will have a lot of 'pop'. If you hit it with a bat, a warm ball will go further. The molecules in the ball are held together less tightly and are more bouncy, so instead of work being done by vibrating the bat, all energy is transferred into the ball.

Does a baseball travel faster in hot weather then cold weather?

yes, molecules are spread out during hot weather giving a baseball less resistence while traveling through the air. In cold weather, molecules and more dense, thus, making it harder for the baseball to travel. -Vic J

What would it be like if you could travel to Neptune?

cold strong winds interesting

What would happen to life on earth if you were any further from the sun?

where space is so cold the earth would freeze

Does heat travel from a cold object to a hot one or from a hot obect to a cold object?

Heat has the natural tendency to travel from hot objects to cold objects.Heat has the natural tendency to travel from hot objects to cold objects.Heat has the natural tendency to travel from hot objects to cold objects.Heat has the natural tendency to travel from hot objects to cold objects.

What weather condition does a baseball travel farthest?

A baseball travels the farthest when it is hot and humid because the air is less dense than when it is cold and dry.

Does air travel from warm to cold or from cold to warm?

Cold to warm

Why do puppy's shake?

Without any further details I would have to say this is because they are scared, cold or unwell

What would happen if earth was further away from the sun?

It would be too cold on earth to support life (ie. you wouldn't be here)

Why would ducks migrate?

Because when it gets cold during the winter they would want to travel to a place of warmer climate.

Does cold travel from the surface to your hand or does energy travel from your hand to the cold surface?

Energy travels from your hand to the cold surface. Cold is merely the relative absence of heat.

Does a baseball travel farther when it is hot?

Yes. If a ball is hit with the same force in the same direction when it is hot, it will travel farther than if it was hit when it was cold out. This is because the density of the air. When it is hot out the density of the air is less than when it is cold it is better.

Where does warm air and cold air travel to on the globe?

Cold air travel on north and south pole and warm air travel near equator

Does heat travel from a hot object or cold object?

heat travel from a hot object first then to cold object!

Does sound travel further in warm air or cold air?

The wind and the weather conditions play a larger role when we hear a sound from far away, it is less the temperature.

Does sound travel faster in cold air or warm air?


Does sound travel faster on a hot or cold day?

cold day

What would happen on earth if the suns radiation could not travel through space?

If the sun's radiation could not travel through space, then the Earth would be a cold, dark, frozen rock, and nothing would have ever happened on it.

What would happen to the physical properties of a cold worked material if it were fully annealed and cold worked further?

It would have approximately the same characteristics of the material before it was annealed. In other words, it would almost be the same as the first time it was cold worked, assuming nothing was done to the material before it was cold worked the first time.