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No, the warmer Golf ball would bounce higher.

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Q: Would a frozen golf ball bounce higher than a hot golf ball?
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Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

What will bounce higher a frozen tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

Technically, a frozen tennis ball will not bounce well because of the temperature. The elasticity is one of the factors in which a ball bounces and when things are colder, there isn't as much elasticity, so it will not bounce as well. Therefore, a dry ball (as long as it wasn't frozen in a container) will bounce better than a frozen one.

Would a wooden ball bounce higher or a rubber ball bounce higher if dropped from the same height?

rubber ball

Which tennis ball bounce higher a frozen one or a unfrozen one?

A unfrozen one.

Does the height of a ball effect the bounce?

Yes it does. The higher the ball, the higher the bounce

What will bounce higher then a rubber ball?

A glass ball will bounce higher than a rubber one.

What will bounce higher a tennis ball or baseball?

Test is!. A tennis ball is going to bounce higher.

Does a ball bounce better heavier?

no, the lighter the ball, the higher the bounce.

Does a toy ball bounce higher than a homemade ball?

obviously but why would you ask that?

Why would a ball bounce higher from further up?

It has higher potential energy from higher up.

Which ball bounce higher a big ball medium ball or small ball?

The small ball will bounce higher because it carries less weight.

Why would a basketball at room temperature bounce higher than a frozen basketball?

The basketball at room temperature has more energy, because cold is just the absence of energy. The ball that is frozen would not bounce as high because it is wanting to stay in that shape, and has less time to react.

Will a lacrosse ball bounce differently if it is frozen?

the ball will bounce less, because the molecules are moving slower which causes the ball to move slower and bounce slower

Why does grass affect the bounce height of a ball?

the higher the grass the higher the bounce.

Does a golf ball or a bouncy ball bounce higher?

It would depend on what you bounce them on and what material the bouncy ball is made of. Most surfaces and materials would mean the bouncy ball goes higher, but a few could result in the golf ball being better.

Will a ball bounce higher if it is lighter?


What bounces higher a golf ball or basketball?

If you were bouncing them both, a basketball would bounce higher.

What Ball Would Not Bounce?

A glass ball will not bounce.

What effect does air pressure have on the bounce height of a ball?

The higher the pressure, the more the ball will bounce. Lower pressures allow the ball to deform, absorbing energy that would otherwise go into making the ball bounce higher. It all has to do with the physics of "elastic" and "inelastic" collisions.

Which ball bounces the highest out of a golf ball and basketball?

A golf ball would bounce higher than a basket ball.

Can the temperature of a tennis ball affect its bounce?

Yes, this is because when the tennis ball is in a heated environment warm air enters through the ball and because the temperature gets higher, the tennis ball would get bigger. When the tennis ball is bigger it would bounce higher.

What tennis ball will bounce higher a hot or a cold one?

it will bounce higher if its hot

Will a ball bounce higher on tile or carpet?

A ball will bounce higher rebounding from a hard surface like tile that from a carpet.

Will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.