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A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

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Q: Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?
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Will a smaller ball roll faster than a bigger ball?

yes because a smaller ball doesnt have that much wait to carry than a bigger ball

Would a bigger ball have more acceleration than a smaller ball or be the same as a smaller ball?

Actually the smaller ball would have more accleration because the smaller ball weighs less.....

Does color affect the volume of a ball?

If you put a ball in the sun, different colors would absorb or reflect the sun more or less. So that would heat up the air inside the ball and make it bigger or smaller. Black balls would be bigger and white ones smaller. ( NO PUN INTENDED)

Would a smaller or bigger soccer ball go farther?

That depends how hard you kick them. If you kick them normally, than a smaller ball. If you kick them really hard, the bigger soccer ball would go further because the forces take longer time to slow down a heavier item.

If a golf ball and a bowling ball are moving and both have the same kinetic energy which one is moving faster?

The one with the smaller mass (which is also the one with the smaller weight) would have to move faster, to compensate for the fact that it has less mass.

Why is a baseball smaller than a softball?

Well you could argue that women need a bigger ball to hit or another possibility and probably the most likely is the fact that throwing a smaller ball completely underhand would do nothing so they need a bigger ball to get more pitch movement

Does the size of a ball affect how far its thrown?

sometimes. if a ball was really big and heavy, it wouldn't be thrown very far. if it was small and light, it could be thrown pretty far. but if the bigger ball was filled with air, and the smaller ball was solid and metal, the bigger ball would be thrown farther than the smaller one. make sense?

What is bigger a volleyball or a bowling ball?

It depends, in weight? A bowling ball is usually heavier. In size? If the bowling ball is smaller than average, the volleyball is bigger.

Which is bigger a pool ball or a tennis ball?

they are about the same, although you can get mini pool sets with smaller balls.

What is a ball that is bigger than a baseball and smaller than a softball?

a ballsack ball. (testicle.......but both of them combined.)

How big is a Water Polo ball?

Slightly bigger than a volleyball and smaller than a basketball. The men's ball is a bit bigger than the women's ball and it weighs about 2.5#'s

What is the difference between a softball game and a baseball game?

softballl is mainley for girls or older ppl and they throw faster and they have a bigger ball. Baseball is mainly for guys, they throw faster and have a smaller ball than softball

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