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Ali weighed 80 pounds more than mayweather. As great as Floyd is, Ali would have crushed him.

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Q: Would Muhammad ali beat Floyd maywether?
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Who would win between maywether and hatton?

Mayweather already beat Hatton by K.O.

Who did Muhammad Ali beat?

Some are Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson and George Foreman.

Can Floyd mayweather beat manny pacqiuo?

Pacman can easily beat prettyboy in early rounds i could see that. lets come and embrace pacman is the best in the world , nothing likes him. We are so proud. With his iron fist, mental steadfastness and great strategy no one can touch him. I love this guy, simply the greatest

Is it Pink Floyd or The Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd. Saying THE Pink Floyd will get you beat up.

Who would win in a fight Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali would beat Mike Tyson.

Would Muhammad Ali beat Mike Tyson in a boxing matchup?

yes (maybe)

Who did Muhammad ali beat that was so good?

Sonny Liston George Foreman Ken Norton Ernie Shavers Cleveland Williams Floyd Patterson Jerry Quarry Jimmy Ellis Doug Jones

Did Floyd mayweather beat juan mariquez?

Yes by a unanimous decision.

Who was the first man to put Muhammad ali down?

The first man to beat Muhammad was Joe Frazier.

Who won rumble in the jungle?

Muhammad Ali (who beat George Foreman in that fight).

Who did Muhammad Ali beat for 1 st championship?

Tunney Hunsaker

Did Muhammad ali ever beat Larry Holmes?

No, Ali was too old when he fought Holmes and as such, never beat him.