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Of course you can purchase hockey skate from stores and you could determine the specs of hockey skate by checking out From there you can view the various brand available .

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Q: Would I be able to buy hockey skates from a store or do I need to specially buy them?
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Where can someone buy inline hockey skates?

Inline hockey skates can be purchased online on the Hockey Monkey website. One can also choose to purchase Inline hockey skates at a Dick's Sporting Goods store.

Where can one buy some ice hockey skates?

You can get a pair of ice hockey skates from a store like Dicks Sporting Goods or Sports Authority or even your local rink might sell these for a lower price skates.

How do you sharpen hockey goalie skates?

There is somekind of machine that sharpens or just a simple piece of something in a hockey store

What type of blade do hockey skates have?

the blades are made out of steel and can be found at almost any equipment or inrink store

How do you heat hockey skates to form fit them?

light them on fire! The store will put them in their skate oven

Do they sell ice hockey skates in Chicago?

I think yes. You can check in different sports store anywhere in Chicago to find the ice hockey skate that you like and you are most comfortable with.

Where can you try skates on?

an ice rink or a local sporting equipment store (providing you live in an area where hockey or skating is popular) there are also types of skates so you may just have to drive around

How do you tell if you should buy E or D ice skates?

hockey skate sizes work with numbers and letters. the letter indicates the width of the skate. E is a wider skate than D. In any case you should always try on hockey skates before buying them to make sure they fit comfortably. Many hockey stores will have microwaves to help mould skates to fit your feet. If you buy skates online make sure you try on skate sizes at a local store to know for sure what size you are.

How do you remold Bauer hockey skates?

Go to the store. Usually it will cost about 30 dollars but it's worth it if they don't fit right.

How much are the Bauer one 95 ice hockey skates?

they are 749.99 they are a very nice skate a fully composite boot and it is very stiff but DONT buy skates off of eBay i work at a hockey store and i get lots of people bring skates in trying to exchange them for the right size just go to you nearest first line Bauer dealer and let them size you up.

How do you get pink skates in Build-a-Bearville?

You would buy them at the Bearville Outfitters Store.

Where could you get skates from?

it depends on what type of skates. for figure skates many rinks have a pro shop in them where you can go and order. Many times you have to travel to a store front specific to skates. If you are talking about roller skates you can get them at Sports Authority or Dicks or any athletic store.

Sharpen hockey skates out of the box?

Skates right out of the box are not sharpened. Most likely the shop that you are purchasing them from will sharpen the skates before you leave the store. If you purchased the skates online you will need to take then to your local shop and have them sharpened. But make sure that the skates fit properly and you are not going to ship them back. Once you sharpen the skates most online retailers consider the skates now used and will not accept them for return. If you need to get them sharpened, don't worry it generally costs only a few dollars ($3-5). You will also need to maintain the skates and have them sharpened after every few skates. This is a personal preference when to sharpen your skates.

How do you get pink skates in Build- a- Bear-ville?

you get the pink skates from the bearville outfitters store for 1 credit

How do you become a professional hockey player?

Puck, Hockey Stick, Ice Skates, Safety Pads, Helmet, and Yourself. There ya go!Answergo to the USA hockey website and check it out for locations of ice rinks around you. Call the ice rink and see how you can get yourself into a league. if that's not what you are looking for then go to a sports store get skates and a stick find a pond and some friends that want to play. For best results i recommend using a frozen pond.

What application would be used to store attendance records of employees?

You could use a database or a spreadsheet. Payroll systems would also have a capability of doing it as part of their operations. A specially developed application, just to store that detail, could also be specially developed for an organisation. So there are various possibilities.

What can you buy in a store that starts with a i?

You can buy ice skates and Ivory Soap in a store. They begin with the letter i.

How do you fix a hockey stick?

bring it to pure hockey or some other hockey store

What kind of tape do you use for hockey sticks?

You can buy hockey tape at your local hockey rink or equipment store for hockey sticks.

Where can someone in America buy ice skates?

Someone in America can buy ice skates at a variety of places. They can buy online, or in store. Most sporting goods stores have ice skates available both online and in stores.

How do you buy skates to match your foot?

as far as sizing goes it is generally 1-1.5 sizes LESS than your shoe size. Comfort and mobility are the most important deciding factors. Do NOT order skates from online until you have tried them on in the store and got sized properly. You obviously also want to find the skate appealing as far as comfort and quality. write down the make model price in store and the size they sized you for especially if you are not familiar with buying hockey skates. Go to a reputable website and find the manufacturer and then the model you want the price is usually roughly the same online but don't get ripped off. Hope this helped.

How do you sharpen ice skates?

It would be recommended to go to a store to get it done professionally (they have a machine) rather than attempting to do it by yourself. Don't risk damaging the blade.

Where are the hockey cards located on hockey Canada kids?

Panini Amarican store

Can someone purchase RBK hockey equipment?

There are a number of stores that sell RBK hockey equipment. These include the official Reebok Hockey store, Hockey Giant, Hockey Monkey and CCM Hockey.

Why did John want to wear the roller skates in the store in the book the pigman?

to have fun