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the worst loss in the nba histor is the mavericks vs.the heats the heats could have one but the cheating refs

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Q: Worst loss in NBA history
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What team has the worst loss in NBA history?

The worst loss in NBA history was on December 17, 1991. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami heat 148-80.

What is the worst loss in th Chicago bulls NBA playoff history?


What is the worst record in NBA history?

The worst team in NBA history is 7-58 (Bobcats)

Worst loss in NBA finals history?

The Chicago Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 96-54 in Game 3 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

Worst NBA player in history?

dj mbendga

What was the worst fight in NBA history?

Pacers and Pistons in 2004

Who had the worst free throw percentage in NBA history?

Ben Wallace.

Worst Record in NBA history?

The Charlotte Bobcats going 7-58 in the 2012 NBA regular season, it is the worst record in the history of the NBA 7 win and 58 losses is a .12 winning percentage. It isn't that good.

What was the worst loss in Dallas Mavericks team history?

There worst lost was against the timberwolves

What is the Worst loss in Oklahoma history?

The Oklahoma City Bombing.

What is the Edmonton Oilers worst loss in history?

82- 0

What was the worst loss in Indiana university history in football?


What was the worst loss in NFL history?

The worst loss in NFL history was in the 1940 NFL Championship game. In this game, the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0.

Who are the Top 5 worst freethrow shooters in NBA history?

i don't know the top 5 but the worst freethrow shoot in nba history is ................. ben Wallace ,40-42 career percentages. (min 2000)

Which team has the worst win loss record in NFL history?

The Lions.

Who was the worst basketball team?

The 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers, who finished the season 9-73 with the worst record in NBA history.

What was described as the worst surrender in British history?

The loss of Singapore to the Japanese in 1941.

What is the worst loss in soccer history?

Australia 31-0 American Samoa

Worst lakers loss in nba finals history?

in 1983 Los Angeles Lakers 0-4 Philadelphia 76ers and 1989 Los Angeles Lakers 0-4 Detroit Pistons

What is the most lost by an NBA team?

The Philadelphia 76ers finished with a 9-73 record in 1972-73, the worst record in NBA history.

What is worst one season turnaround in NBA history?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were 61-21 in 2009-10; and 19-63 in 2010-11. That's a downward swing of 42 games. This is probably the worst one-season turnaround in NBA history.

Worst Loss in Chicago Bears History?

The worst game loss the Bears ever experienced was September 27, 1964: Baltimore Colts 52, Bears 0.

What was the worst loss in university of kansas basketball history? sheep strikes again!!

What is Worst loss in UNC basketball history?

Vs Maryland in 2002 112 to 79.>

What is the worst loss in Indiana college football history?

wisconson 83 indanna 20