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The Charlotte Bobcats going 7-58 in the 2012 NBA regular season, it is the worst record in the history of the NBA 7 win and 58 losses is a .12 winning percentage. It isn't that good.

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Q: Worst Record in NBA history
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What is the worst record in NBA history?

The worst team in NBA history is 7-58 (Bobcats)

What is the most lost by an NBA team?

The Philadelphia 76ers finished with a 9-73 record in 1972-73, the worst record in NBA history.

Who was the worst basketball team?

The 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers, who finished the season 9-73 with the worst record in NBA history.

What is the worst NBA record?

Clevland Cavaliers

What is the worst season record for a NBA team in one year?

The worst NBA record belongs to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who posted a record of 9-73

What was the worst NBA team record ever?


What team has most consecutive losses in NBA history?

The Vancover Grizzles lost 23 in a row in the 1996 NBA season. The worst start in NBA history goes to the 2009 New Jersey Nets who started off 0-17. The worst record in NBA history goes to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who finished 9-73. In the 2010-2011 season, the new record goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers with 25 consecutive losses in a row. ( 8-40) The most consecutive losses in NBA history.

Worst NBA player in history?

dj mbendga

What team has the worst loss in NBA history?

The worst loss in NBA history was on December 17, 1991. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami heat 148-80.

What is the second worst record to make the NBA playoffs?


What was the worst fight in NBA history?

Pacers and Pistons in 2004

Worst loss in NBA history?

the worst loss in the nba histor is the mavericks vs.the heats the heats could have one but the cheating refs

What is the worst record in MLS history?

The worst record in MLS history came in 2001 with the Tampa Bay Mutiny achieving a record of 4-21-2 (14 points).

Is the Charlotte bobcats weak?

no, they are the best team in the NBA that's why they have the worst record!

NBA team worst record 1973?

That was the Philadelphia 76ers at 9-73.

Who had the worst free throw percentage in NBA history?

Ben Wallace.

When did the nba phoenix suns enter the league?

Their first season was the 1968-69 season. They finished 16-66 which is currently their worst record in franchise history.

Who is the worst football team in history?

the Richmond tigers have the worst record of losing games

Who holds the record for the most NBA points record?

Wilt Chamberlain 4 most points in a game with 100 and NBA history

Who is the worst NBA team?

if you are going by record, it is the new jersey nets and the minnesota timberwolves

What is the worst record recently to make the nba playoffs?

The Detroit Pistons ( 39-43 )

What team in the NBA has the best record in NBA history over their last 159 games including playoffs?

The best team in the NBA history is Phoenix Suns.

Who was the worst NBA team in history?

Statistically speaking, the Philadelphia 76ers of the 1972-73 season has the record for the lowest winning percentage with .110, winning 9 games and losing 73 in that season. In the early NBA, however, the Providence Steamrollers had the worst season in history, winning only 6 games out of 48 played that season.

Who are the Top 5 worst freethrow shooters in NBA history?

i don't know the top 5 but the worst freethrow shoot in nba history is ................. ben Wallace ,40-42 career percentages. (min 2000)

What s the best record in record history?

In Nba the Chicago Bulls went 72-10 one year. That is the best Nba ever.