Worlds richest football clubs

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Top 20World's richest teams ranking 2011:
  1. Real Madrid, Spain, wealth reached £ 359.1 million

  2. Barcelona, Spain, wealth reached £ 325.9 million
  3. Manchester United, England, wealth reached £ 278.5 million
  4. Bayern Munich, Germany, wealth reached £ 246.6 million
  5. Arsenal, England, wealth reached £ 224 million
  6. Chelsea, England, wealth reached £ 209.5 million
  7. Milan, Italy, wealth reached £ 193.1 million
  8. Liverpool, England, wealth reached £ 184.5 million
  9. Inter Milan, Italy, wealth reached £ 184.1 million
  10. Juventus, Italy, wealth reached £ 167.8 million
  11. Manchester City, England, wealth reached £ 125.1 million
  12. Tottenham Hotspur, England, wealth reached £ 119.8 million
  13. Hamburger SV, Germany, wealth reached £ 119.7 million
  14. Olympique Lyonnais, France, wealth reached £ 119.6 million
  15. Olympique Marseille, France, wealth reached £ 115.5 million
  16. Schalke 04, Germany, wealth reached £ 114.5 million
  17. Atletico Madrid, Spain, wealth reached £ 101.9 million
  18. AS Roma, Italy, wealth reached £ 100.5 million
  19. VfB Stuttgart, Germany, wealth reached £ 94 million
  20. Aston Villa, England, wealth reached £ 89.6 million

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The record for last year was the Spanish club Real Madrid.With over 300 million pounds.

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1. Barcalona

2. Real Madrid


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Q: Worlds richest football clubs
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Is Chelsea football club among richest football clubs in the world?

Yes Chelsea football club is the top ten richest clubs.

Which football clubs is the richest?

Real madrid

Who are the richest 30 football clubs in the world?

accrington Stanley

Who were the top two richest football clubs in 2007?

It was Real Madrid and Manchester United accrdind to Deolitte.

What are the richest football clubs as at 2010?

There can not be a richest club in 2009 . As the year is not yet over , but you can have the richest club in 2007-08. They are as follows. 1 Real Madrid. 2 Manchester United . 3 Barcelona.

What are the 3 richest football clubs in the world?

Looking at the last years income generation, the following is the list of richest football clubs in the world: 1) Manchester United 2) Real Madrid 3) Barcelona It includes stadium revenue, sponsorships, satellite and television rights etc...

Richest football clubs in the world?

1.manu city 3. arsenal 4.Barcelona that's it great

List of the world richest football club from 2007?

It is Real Madrid, followed by Manchester United.These two clubs last year were the only clubs to make300 million pounds earnings.

The richest football club in the world?

As of now, it is either Real Madrid or Manchester United. Barcelona and Manchester City are not far behind either

Top 50 Richest football clubs?

Real Madrid, Man United, Man City, FC Barcelona and AC Milan

When was Piraeus Football Clubs Association created?

Piraeus Football Clubs Association was created in 1925.

When was Athens Football Clubs Association created?

Athens Football Clubs Association was created in 1924.