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269 miles by Brock Baker in Tennessee...he was trying for 300 but collapsed at 269

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Q: World record for most miles ran?
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What is the longest distance ran in a day?

Yiannis Kouros from Greece holds the world record at 188.59 miles or 303.506 kilometers

How fast can People run?

Usain Bolt at the Berlin Championship 2009 setting another world record in the 100m dash, ran it at 27 miles per hour.

What is the fastest 2 mile ever?

Sub 8 minutes because the 1500m world record holder ran 2 consecutive miles in under 4 minutes each

When did carl Lewis beaten the world record on the 100m dash?

Carl Lewis broke the world record in the 100 meter dash twice and tied it twice. On August 30, 1987 at a meet in Rome, Italy, he tied Calvin Smith's world record of 9.93 seconds. He ran another 9.93, tying the record again, at a meet in Zurich, Switzerland on August 17, 1988. He broke the world record with a 9.92 at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. He held the record for about three years until Leroy Burrell ran a 9.90 on June 14, 1991. That record lasted about 10 weeks until Lewis ran a 9.86 at a meet in Tokyo on August 25, 1991, reclaiming the world record. That record lasted for almost three years until Burrell ran a 9.85 in Switzerland on July 6, 1994.

3000 meter world record?

7 minutes 20.67 seconds by Daniel Komen, a runner from Kenya. He was also the only person to ever run 2 miles in under eight minutes, meaning he ran two back to back sub four minute miles. He also holds the indoor 3,000 meter world record in a time of 7:24.90

What person ran the fastest three miles in the world?


World record for 800?

The fastes 800 meter ever ran was 1:41.11 ran by Kenya's David Rudisha

What is the 50 meter sprint record?

The World Record is 5.56seconds held by Donovan Bailey of Canada. He ran this in 1996.

What is the world record mile run time?

The current world record is 3:43.12 ran by Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco) in Rome, 1999.

Who held the 200m world record before Michael Johnson broke it in 1996?

When Johnson ran 19.32s he broke his own record of 19.66s which was also set in 1996. When he ran 19.66s he broke the record of Pietro Mennea which was 19.72s.

What is the world record for the 4km run?

13 minutes ran by Jaysin minett

Who holds the world record for running a mile?

Hicham el Guerouj of Morocco ran a 3:43 and he holds the record

How fast can a horse run'?

the fastest horse on record was the racehorse Secritariat who ran an estimated 55 miles an hour

How many miles an hour can the fastest horse run?

As of 2015, the record is held by Winning Brew, who ran 2 furlongs at 43.97 miles per hour.

What is SEC rushing record?

The SEC rushing record, in terms of most yards ran during a college career, was achieved by Herschel Walker. He ran for 5259 yards, and played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

What is the youth 100m world record?

10.63 seconds This is false the world record is 10.23 seconds. besides somebody at my school ran a 10.51 electric.

Who is the record holder for the 400 meters Olympics?

The world record is currently held by Michael Johnson of USA, who ran it in 43.18 seconds

What is Record for longest one day run?

The most distance recorded by a man running for 24 hours was Yiannis Kouros who ran 303.5 kilometres or 188 miles, 103 yards in Adelaide Australia in 1997.

Who holds the record for the longest distance run?

Robert Garside, a British man nicknamed "The Runningman", who, according to Guinness World Records, was the first person to run around the world. He ran over 35,000 miles in 5 years and eight months (1997-2003).

Who ran a mile in 1 minute 44 seconds?

No one. The world record is 3:43

Did suresh joachim run nonstop world record?

Type your answer here... He ran 1000 hours

Shelly ran 214 miles. Lynne ran 318 miles. Who ran farther and by how much?

318 − 214 = 104 Lynne ran 104 miles further than Shelly.

Someone ran 450 yards someone else ran and25 miles who ran farther?

The person that ran 25 miles.

What is world record 200 mile run?

World records are not kept for 200 miles as its not a standard distance. The best time may well belong to Yiannis Kouros who ran it in 1 day 5 hours 3 minutes and 45 seconds in Sugeres, France in 1995.

Who has ran sub 4 minute miles?

Over 1000 individuals around the world have gone sub 4 minutes in a mile. Daniel Komen ran 2 miles in under 8 minutes.