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ICC cricket world cup 2011 starts on February 19th, 2011 and ends on April 2nd, 2011.

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Q: World cup 2011 start and end date - cricket?
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On what date did the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup start?

The first match was February 19, 2011, India vs. Bangladesh.

Which date the cricket world cup 2011 will star?

February 18, 2011 will see the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2011. Bangladesh will host the same.

What is the exact date of final match of cricket world cup 2007?

2 April 2011

In Which date the cricket world cup held in India Srilanka and Bangladesh?

Cricket World Cup 2011 would be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh between Feb 19 to Apr 2.

Who player has represented two countries in a cricket World Cup till date?

Kepler Wessels has to date represented two countries in the Cricket World Cup.

Which player has played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date?

Sachin Tendulkar played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date

Which date is consider as the world's cricket day?

sachin tendulkar's birthday

What is the date the 20 20 cricket world cup starts?

30 April

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As the world did not end in 2011 the exact time and date is immaterial.

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In 2011, Hanukkah began on the evening of December 20

What date does the 2011-2012 Premier league start?

Saturday 13 Aug 2011

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