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Women Are Aloud To Enter Mosques But They Must Be Away From The Men!

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Q: Women are rarely allowed to enter mosques where?
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Why are Muslim women not allowed in the mosque?

in lots of Islamic country women are allowed to enter mosques , but not along with men , because the main goal of going to mosques is worship and it needs a pure desire to consent rate in ALLAH , as the host of the house of praying , however due to the nature of desires between strange men and women , sometimes it could bring some other thing between them , then it would take from them the interest towards the pray, to do so they have brought separate areas for women and men in the mosques, like putting a curtain between them and it is usually occurs in my country .

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Are Jews allowed to enter others' houses of worship for the purpose of engaging in religious services?

According to Jewish law, Jews are not allowed to participate in the worship practices of other religions. However, exceptions are made for houses of worship that fit with the rules for synagogues (no images of people, etc). As such, religious law allows for Jews to enter mosques but not churches. Even then, Jews are not allowed to participate in Muslim prayers, but can recite Jewish prayers.