Women's 3200 meter world record

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Q: Women's 3200 meter world record
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Who holds the mens 3200 meter outdoor world record?

Daniel Koman.

World record 3200 meter run?

The world best for men is 7:58.61 set by Kenyan Daniel Komen in Hechtel, Belgium on 19 July 1997. The women's record is 8:58.58, set by Ethiopian Meseret Defar in Brussels, Belgium on 14 September 2007

Mens 3200 meter world record?

There is a record for 2 miles which you could convert to 3200m. 1 7:58.61 Daniel Komen KEN There is an all time list with world records on it found here:

How far is the 3200 meter run?

1.9888129 miles.

How many centimeters in 3200 meters?

There are 100 cm in 1 meter. Thus to find the how many cm are in 3200 m, multiply 3200 by 100. (3200)(100) = 320,000 320,000 cm in 3200 meters.

How many kilometers in a 3200 meter run?

1000 metres = 1 kilometre so 3200 m = 3200/1000 = 3.2 km. Simple!

What is mile difference of 4k race and a 3200 meter race?

4k (kilometers) = 2.48548477 miles and 3200 meters = 1.98838782 miles. So, a 4k race is about 1/2 of a mile farther than a 3200 meter race.

What are 4 mid-distance events?

the 800 meter, 1500 meter, 1600 meter, and 3200 meter are all considered middle distance.

How many laps are there in a 3200 meter race?

If the lap is 1m then 3200. If the lap is 2 then 1600... ...I think you are getting the point.

What is the high school girls record for the 3200 meter run?

Kim Mortensen from Thousand Oaks High School in California ran 9:48.59 on May 24, 1996

How long is the 3200 meter run in track?

3200 meters long, if you are talking about the time it takes to run it.... that depends on how fast you are over that distance.

Who holds the high school 3200 meter track race?

German Fernandez

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