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Q: With what sport is Obaidullah Khan Gold Cup associated?
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Which sport is related to obaidullah khan gold cup?


Which sport is the Aga Khan Cup associated with?


What actors and actresses appeared in Don Kno - 2010?

The cast of Don Kno - 2010 includes: Mazin Kanuga as The Manager Obaidullah Khan as The Detective Arsa Syed as Forensics Expert

Which sport do you associate imran khan?


Aga Khan Cup is to Which Sport?


With which game aga khan associated?


What sport does janghir khan play?

he is a squash player

In which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated?


What was a major event associated with Kublai Khan?

He was awesome

What empire is Genghis Khan associated with?

It was the Mongol Empire.

Who was the cousin of Jahangir Khan in the sport of squash who died of a heart attack?

Torsam Khan, Jahangir Khan's brother (not cousin) died of a heart attack in 1979. Jahangir was 15 at the time and considered quitting the sport, but decided to pursue a career in the sport as a tribute to his brother.

What is aga khan cup associated with?

Aga khan cup is associated with Hockey. It is played between various countries of the world. India has also won that cup.

Who is associated with the film my name is Khan?

Sharukh Khan, Kajol Devghan are the two main actors in the film.

What is the rate of gold in hyderabad at Mohammad khan jewellers?


What is the regional sport played in Pakhtunkhwa?

Cricket is the main sport played in pakhtunkhwa.It has created world-class sportsmen like shahid afridi khan or yonus khan.Including cricket it has also given world-class sportsmen to squash like jahangir khan or jansher khan.

Why did Kublai Kahan sponsor Marco Polo?

Marco Polo was very clever in finding gold for Kublai Khan, so Khan sponsored Polo to keep him around to find more gold.

What is the name of place where Muhammad Ali Jinnah weighted with gold?

Jinnah Was weighted with Gold in Balochistan by Khan Of kalat

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lost Gold of Khan - 2011?

The cast of The Lost Gold of Khan - 2011 includes: Priya Anand as Jane Danny Denzongpa as Chengiz Khan Kelly Dorji as Pao Jack Scalia Joan Severance as Cora Satish Shah as Ben-Jatak

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Zarine khan looks like katrina kaif. don't watch Zarine khan's movies by thinking katrina kaif.

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The cast of Old Iss Gold - 2007 includes: Madhoo Asrani Shakti Kapoor Kader Khan Razak Khan Amita Nangia Elena Shevtsor Himani Shivpuri Upasna Singh

What is the address of salman khan's gym?

Salman Khan goes to Gold's gym. Most of the celebrities go there only. Salman does daily gym as he is a fitness freak.

Whose portrait was painted on the tail of the bedford truck in Three Cups of Tea?

Cricket(sport) hero Imran Khan was on the tailgate

Why did Kublai Khan sponsor Polo's journey?

because marco was clever and got kublai kahan gold and so kublia wanted to keep him around for more gold

Who is the minister of sport in south africa?

SRSA is headed by the Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula; the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Gert Oosthuizen; Director General Mr Alec Moemi, and Chief Operations Officer Ms Sumayya Khan.

How do you spell khan?

Khan is spelled from the epiglottis. Khan's are the ruling people of Bollywood. There are many Khan's in the film industry. '