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England. Morris dancing is the collective name for many British folk dances revived by Cecil Sharp in the early 20th century. It includes Cotswold Morris, from the region near Oxford, Border Morris, from the areas towards the Welsh border, and Lancashire Morris from the NorthWest, as well as other variants. All are display dances as opposed to social dances.

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Q: With what country do you associate Morris Dancing?
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What is a hanky for?

Dancing The Morris!!!

Dances in england?

Morris dancing.

What is Morris dancing?

Morris dancing is an English folk dance. The dancers usually wear bell pads while moving in a rhythmic stepping manner.

Are harmonicas used in the band sector of Morris dancing?

no he did not

What type of dance comesfrom England?

Morris dancing

What are some English dances?

Morris dancing and folk danceing

Is Morris dancing English?

yes, it`s a local tradition

What are some traditional English dances?

Morris dancing and folk danceing

Is it all men who do Morris dancing?

There are two related forms known as Morris Dancing. There are the various traditional dances of the British Isles which are collectively known as "Morris Dancing". These include quite a variety of dance forms including Cotswold, Border, North-West, Rapper, and Sword dancing. Some of these types have more of a male tradition, others more a female, but today dancers of both sexes can be found dancing all forms. Dancers can be found performing these dances all over the UK and in many other countries across the world. Their origins seem to be in 14th Century Courtly dances and relatives of Morris dancing can be found surviving across Europe. There is the type also known as Carnival or "Fluffy" Morris which involves mainly groups of girls dancing processional forms that originated from North-West Morris dancing. Girls have dresses, shakers (pom poms) and pumps with bells on. They go to competitions every week, then after the Christmas term train until march. Woody Malmesbury Morris

What are some hobbies in the UK?

Pigeon racing, Morris Dancing, train spotting.

How many girls Morris dancing troupes are in the UK?

100,00 World Wide

When did Heather Morris first become a dancer?

She began dancing at the age of one.