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f gymnastics everyone gets hurt, at least once. even I have hurt myself plenty of times!

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2011-03-10 02:14:39
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Q: With what activity from gymnastics could you get hurt?
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Which sport is harder, gymnastics or soccer?

Gymnastics you get hurt a lot easily

Why Does your Bum Hole hurt?

it could be infected, or just from sexual activity

What happens when you are not flexible in gymnastics?

when your not flexible in gymnastics you can lose your balance and fall over,you can get hurt

Can you do gymnastics with a broken wrist?

its possible but will hurt!

What does it mean when your fingers hurt?

Could be growing pains or you did some strenuous activity with them.

The Olympic gymnastics?

the Olympics are held every 4 years and gymnastics is a activity gymnasts do at the Olympics

Too old for gymnastics?

You can never be too old for gymnastics. As long as you check the gym for adult classes, and don't have any existing health problems that could hurt you in any way.

How do you learn gymnastics?

how do you learn gymnastics in a day? I don't think you can do that no offense but if you try you are liable to get hurt :(

Can you get hurt doing gymnastics?

You can definitely get hurt doing gymnastics. It is a very dangerous sport. But if you do things properly, go at your own pace, and listen to the coaches you should be safe and not get hurt. Gymnastics is a very fun sport and I recommend taking it. Getting hurt in it should be the least of your worries. Don't let that stop you because you can get hurt in any sport.

Why does gymnastics hurt so much?

Because you are unfit.

Is hockey the most dangerous sport or gymnastics?

well, i would say gymnastics is more dangerous b/c it is more likely you would mess up in gymnastics then in hockey. in gymnastics you cold mess one of your tricks up very easily and hurt yourself. in hockey the only time you get hurt is when your checked or something and usally you don't get hurt alot from checking.

What are three facts about gymnastics?

FACT 1: Gymnastics is dangerous FACT 2: Gymnastics is the funniest sport in earth FACT 3: Gymnastics can hurt and you can break something and need to wear a brace

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