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Lovie Smith Is a great defense coordinator and with those ppl gone its nobodys fault even tho aroud this time all those ppl are back besides rex

AnswerMost teams lose key personnel in the course of a season, some teams are able to continue winning and some are unable to. The coach has a responsibility to prepare the team to win regardless of the circumstances. The Panthers and Patriots have gone through the 2004 season with a multitude of key starters on I.R. New England is 14-2 and the second seed in the AFC while Carolina was in the playoff hunt until the last week of the season.

Answer I do not think it is his fault because he lost a key player in mike brown and also lost Tommie Harris to injury he did the best he could with Rex Grossman and they still won the won the division and made it to the super bowl.

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Q: With the loss of Rex Grossman Mike Brown and Jerry Azumah can Coach Lovie really be blamed for what ever happens this year?
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