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The runner isn't awarded anything. If the fielder can get the ball in time, the runner can still be thrown out at second.

The runner is only awarded if the ball is thrown out of the playing field, such as the dugout or the stands. It is then declared a dead ball and is treated like a ground-rule double; The runner receives his extra base.

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2010-10-26 03:10:14
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Q: With a runner on first base the pitcher overthrows ball to first where should the runner be awarded?
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What is a good time for catchers throw from home to second base?

When the runner on first steals to second base and the pitcher has already pitched the ball, the catcher should throw the ball from home to second to get the runner who is stealing out. ^^^lololol no. Unless the pitcher's throwing a fastball the runner has a good chance of making it.

If the ball is hit to the pitcher with a runner on first base who covers second base?

Assuming that the hit to the pitcher is a grounder, the shortstop should cover second base, and the second basemen should back-up the throw, so that it doesn't leak into center field. Of course, if the hit is a line-drive or pop-up that is caught by the pitcher, causing an out, the pitcher can throw the ball to the first baseman and get another out, if the runner is caught off that bag.

Is a base awarded to a runner when a first baseman is out of play and a pitch is delivered?

Although not commonly enforced, it should be scored as a dead ball and the runner awarded first base. This is because under official baseball rules, eight players must be in play (the only one allowed out of play is the catcher) when the ball is pitched.

Bases loaded ball hits runner standing on third base What is the call?

Assuming you mean a batted ball? The answer depends on where the runner on third is standing. If the runner is standing in foul territory, it is ruled a foul ball. If the runner is touching third base or leading off in fair territory and the ball hits him, then he is ruled out and the ball is dead. It is recorded as a putout by the third baseman. The batter is awarded first base, and other runners forced to advance will do so, so the runner on first is awarded second base, and the runner on second is awarded third base. If the infield-fly rule is in effect and the ball hits the runner on third, he is safe and the batter is out, provided the runner is touching third base. A runner on third should always lead off in foul territory to avoid these situations which would rule him out.

If an infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him is the fielder guilty of interference and the runner awarded the next base?

In most cases, no. A fielder has the ability to make a play on the ball. As long as he is in this act, there should be no interference

If the base runner gets hit with the grounded ball do the remaining base runners remain where they are?

The base runner is out that got hit with the ball as long as he is in fair territory. At this point the ball is considered dead and the runners would go to the base they should be at. Example: Runners at 1st and 2nd. Guy on 2nd running toward 3rd after ball is hit, he is hit. He is out. Runner at 1st is awarded 2nd, batter is awarded 1st and the ball is dead.

When should a baserunner may run to the next base without being dismissed?

There are a few times a base runner may advance without fear of being put out. If the base runner is forced to the next base by a batter/runner being walked or hit by a pitch and for an illegal pitch being called on the pitcher.

Where to place a bunted ball with a runner on first?

It depends on what the meaning behind the bunt is, and what side you are batting from. Also the defensive set can be a contributing factor. If its a bunt to get on base you are probably going to put it down the first base line, with the first basemen holding the runner on. For a sacrifice bunt to move the runner, anywhere but directly to the pitcher and fair should do.

When there are zero outs and runners on first and second and the ball is hit to the pitcher where should the throw be made?

When there are no outs the pitcher should always throw the ball to third base to get the lead runner. The third baseman now has the opportunity to throw to first for the double play as well.If there is time you should always get the lead runner out. This keeps the force in play for the next batter.Opinion/Answer:This really depends on the level of baseball you are playing and I guess to an extent what your coach wants you to do. However, in more advanced baseball (i.e professional or college), in this situation the pitcher should go to 2nd base and then to first for a 1-4-3 or 1-6-3 (depending on who covers 2nd on the throw) double play. In this situation you would have a runner on 3rd with 2 outs. In advanced levels of baseball this is an ideal position for the defense because you rely on the defense to get the out so the run wont score. If the pitcher goes to 3rd and then to 1st to try and get the double play you are 1. creating a longer throw from 3rd to 1st then you would have 2nd to 1st risking your chances at getting the double play. In most cases if you have a runner or 2nd or a runner on 3rd with 2 outs they will score on a base hit as they will run on contact --- so the pitcher should go to 2nd and then 1st for the easiest double play and leave the runner at 3rd (with the speed in professional baseball you are going to have a hard time getting a 1-5-3 double play, that being pitcher- to 3rd- to 1st)

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