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Q: With a basketball net Can you fill base with water and leave the water in during winter months?
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Can I leave my outdoor table out during the winter months?

An outdoor table could be left out during winter depending on what it is made of. It is wise to use a table cover for rain and debris protection.

Do the magpies in san francisco leave for the winter?

No. I have seen them there in the winter months.

Should roof heating cables be left on continuously during the winter months?

I would leave them off when there is no snow/ice but that`s just me.

Why does butterfly leave US during the winter?

it flys

When do monarch butterflies come back to PA?

Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico during the winter months. They leave their wintering grounds in late February to early March.

Do swallows leave Ireland for warmer climate?

Yes, they leave Ireland for the winter months and fly south to warmer places.

Where do wasps go in the winter?

During autumn the bulk of a wasp colony dies off, generally leaving only the young mated queens alive. It is during this time these queens leave the nest and find a suitable place to hibernate for the winter months.

How can you improve your garden during the winter time?

cut it right back before winter hits after the summer bloom and and leave it

My pool is beautiful and we enjoy looking at it even if we can't swim in it. Can we leave my pool uncovered for the winter months.?

Yes, All you have to do is run your pump during any periods of freezing weather to avoid the water freezing

When do raccoons leave their parents?

Raccoons are able to forage on their own 4-6 months after birth but most will spend the first winter with the mother who will help them forage for food in the winter as well as share the den where their is more warmth with more animals.

How long does a raccoon mother carry its babies?

Raccoons will generally stay with their mother through the first winter and then go on their own. They are weaned after about 2 months but stay with the mother to learn how to forage for solid food. By denning together they stay warmer during the winter months.

How long do raccoon kits stay in the nest?

Many of them leave at the age of 5-6 months but some may stay with the mother through the first winter and leave when nearly a year old.