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The Montreal Canadiens, with 24 Stanley cup victories.

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Q: Witch team won the Stanley cup the most?
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Most Stanley cup rings with one team?


What team won the Stanley cup in Boston?

Most recently, in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, beating the Boston Bruins in 6 games.

What NHL team has the most Stanley Cup championships?

The Montreal Canadians

Which team has the Most Stanley cup titles?

The Montreal Canadiens have had the most Stanley Cup titles. They have had 24 victories. Always Ready to Help and Hope it Helps! Maze

What American hockey team has the most Stanley cup wins?

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup eleven times. That is the most for a United States based NHL team.

What Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup the most times?

The montreal Canadiens

What is the most games played by a team in a single Stanley cup playoffs?


Which NHL team has hoisted the Stanley Cup victoriously the most times?

The Canucks

What first American team competed for the Stanley cup?

The first american team to compete for the Stanley cup was the Portland Rosebuds

Who is the current holder of the Stanley cup?

As of 2009 the Stanley Cup holder team are the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Which team has the most Stanley cup championships?

The Montreal Canadiens with 24 Stanley cups, followed by Toronto with 13 and Detroit with 11.

What is a Stanley Cup ring?

A championship ring given to the players and staff of the Stanley Cup winning team.